Ants on a plug

ant adaptor.jpg (420 KB)

Found on 4chan.

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    At first I thought the white stuff was food, uh are those eggs or something? Silly ants, I bet electrocuted babies were not on your to do list.


    Looks like dirt. Seems to be something the ants would enjoy. It’s a solid surface, is probably warm from the electric current, and is inside a sheltered area. There is probably food close by as well.


    by looking at the picture the bugs really do look like ants but the damage kind of looks like termite damage, I recently had a termite problem at home and I can tell you that its very bad news.

    Billy Manic

    Oh dear God now I itch all over.




    I read years ago that for some strange reason bugs like ants and termites (colony type bugs only, IIRC) like the EM fields around flowing electricity and tended to move in right next to it. I think it only happens when they don’t have a queen any longer. The colony ends up dieing after becoming ant popcorn, or they just stop foraging…