Wolverine – Piracy Opinions

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    In the Next issue: Wolverine goes to iraq support US troops! Dont miss! Hey Kids, already buyed your war bonds?


    I saw the final version of that movie, still sucked ass.


    I saw both version, the leaked one was better because there were so many laugh-out-loud moments because of the terrible effects (or lack thereof).

    E.g. the plane crash in the opening credits, or Sabretooth looking through a window while arrows pointed at his hand saying “claws grow”

    But yeah, both versions sucked ass.


    Is this a joke or a real comic? Is the comic taking a cheap shot at the movie or bootleggers? Why is Wolverine such a huge tool?

    tiki god

    real comic, I think it was wolverine: first class or some shit like that.

    regardless I doubt you’ll find anyone selling movie scripts on the side of the road. that’s what the internet is for, duh


    It may be a real comic, but it is a phail comic. Wolverine could care less about pirates or bootleggers…


    How bout butthurt moviemakers respect and show fairness to us by not QQ’ing in my comics about their POS?


    Heh.I downloaded the work print of “Origins”.It was not worth the effort to download the final.Old media has just about had it.


    A “Radio Shock” sounds unpleasant at best.


    Support Piracy, kill off the poisoned stump that is traditional media!