M = M0 / √1 – (V/C)^2

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If superheroes followed the laws of physics.


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    Mass = Initial mass / Square root of 1 – (Velocity / The speed of Light in a vacuum(300000m/s)) Squared.

    In this equation the single variable would be the Velocity, its a plug it in equation. Also he wouldn’t be fatter he’d in fact be astoundingly dense. The friction at those speeds would be the real problem but thats what super suits and well thought out powers are for.


    Unless the intial mass was zero times zero, I’d say OP needs to use TeX


    Holy shit, Sharpee abs… why didn’t I think of that???! All those lost hours at the gym!!


    Actually there’s an Asian girl on Youtube who explains how you can paint abs on with make up. She doesn’t look as motivated as this guy though.


    He’s gonna chafe.

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