Daniel Kongos

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    Yes please.

    Alec Dalek



    if youre going to change the law to permit marijuana, then also change the law to be like most asian countries and have the courts hand out death sentences to drug dealers, that way it balances out, both liberals and conservatives get a win


    Wow. That’s pretty fucking harsh.


    Komissar. Give me one scientific reason marijuana should be illegal.


    long term use causes brain damage, lack of motivation, lowered personal hygiene standards, increased irritability when not high,

    and in many cases, users develop a fairly mercenary personality where most if not all decisions in life must benefit them in some way, regardless of any expense or liability to others

    Alec Dalek

    Idiot, those are for Alcohol. The only issue with Pot is that it allows you to enjoy being bored. And normally when people are bored they find new things to do with their lives.




    Oh look, it got 4.20 outta 5. What a fabulous coincidence

    Not sure if want


    my two cents: it should be legal for the same reason booze is, and treated the same. theoretical, nonresearched, nonsmoker pros and cons: Pros: huge cash crop, tons of new jobs and a new competitive export. Less stigma on the medical application for less overt issues, like stress management. (Actual medical application, not smoke two and call me in the morning- which, by the way would be another source of cash flow- private pharm. research), near elimination of illegal grow farms, which would negatively impact the drug trade, as significant source of capital is removed. Cons: larger efforts from drug… Read more »


    Good points. Interestingly enough, most of the folks I used to know who smoked pot, rarely did anything else, including harder drugs. I’ll grant some of them could really have benefit from learning moderation, but as a whole, I don’t see how it is that much different from any hard liquor…

    tiki god

    what liquor is harder then whiskey? so if I’m smoking pot, what do I got up to from there?