The Amazing Atheist

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    Terroja Kincaid ROCKS!!!


    Yeah I agree. Though I was hoping Tiki would add a “sexy” tag.


    He should also add “Douche.” Quit giving atheists a bad name asshole! I didn’t quit one over dominating and disrespectful religion to end having your over sized head as the spokes man for atheists.


    How is he giving atheists a bad name? Atheists are not a group that have anything particularly special in common like Christians do, for example. Should there be anyone who looks at TAA and says, Aha! So that’s how all atheists are – then he is an idiot himself. TAA happens to be an atheist who has gotten a lot of attention, but he never claimed to be anyone’s spokesman. By the way I’m not an atheist, nor do I belong to any religion but I admire Terroja very much. I think he gives my generation a good name because… Read more »


    You’re not an atheist but do not belong to any religion either?
    Explain thyself, scoundrel!


    Haha but why. I mean it doesn’t really matter, does it? Why don’t you ask me about my philosophical and or political views instead.

    I’m a determinist and I think mathematics is the only truth we can consider ultimate so far, and I’ve been called a liberal before I even knew what that word meant.

    Everything else are just details.


    I would guess that most people (if they’ve really thought about) would have to say the same. Almost everyone I know consider themselves ‘spiritual’, but not religious, and very few are truly atheists. It’s almost impossible for someone brought up w/ religion to go full nihilo, and end up being believers in something. I, on the other hand, tried to believe for a while, my crazy Welsh cousins were having a lot of fun in their religion and I wanted to be part of it. In the end though, I’m an atheist.


    And while we’re at it, I want to make love to his over sized head. It’s quite obviously his most valuable part.


    I miss fakesagan.


    Oh damn, he was suspended? But I viewed his page just a couple days ago, strange. Though I think he will be posting on TJ’s new site as soon as they get started properly. That’s what I heard anyway.