Please don’t forget 9-11

Myconfinedspace has a collection of 9-11 related images in the archive.

please feel free to send any of them to your friends.

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    Ok,I remember. Now what?


    Apparently (based on the 2 downvotes), my question annoyed people. That wasn’t really my intention. Let me rephrase: I don’t think about 9-11 constantly. I’m sure if I did, I would be a different person with different behavior. I can’t imagine what that behavior would be though. What should I actually do right now, as a result of remembering 9-11? How should my daily behavior be different? These are not rhetorical questions; I’m actually curious how others have changed their lives because they think often about 9-11. My teachers used to tell me that “there are no stupid questions, only… Read more »


    dude, this is the internet. Hardly anyone cares. They just enjoy fucking with your head! And based on your reply you’ve been fucked without protection. Congrats, enjoy the Internet aids.

    By the way your teacher must have been a pole because it’s:” There are no stupid question, only easy answers.”

    Learn the internet before it rapes you son!
    like how i will put a negative on myself!

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    Thanks, Tiki.


    How can I forget? I was the first in my family to found out that something was amiss that day. I awoke to the radio station that normally was all shits and giggles. But this morning they were dead serious and extremely confused a what was going on in the world. So I ran upstairs, turned on the TV and several minutes later the second plane hit the second tower on the live feed. Then the networks replayed it all over and over and over again. The planes full of people flying into the buildings, people jumping out of the… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    When I heard about 9/11, I didn’t really care. I continued playing video games.

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    I was working in a nursing unit and one of the nurse’s aides kept saying “That’s what you people get for invading my country! Justice at last!” and other shit. She was asked to leave, then forcibly removed.

    Luke Magnifico

    Someone gave me a +1?



    When I heard about 9/11, I was sad. People died, you know.

    When I noticed what it turned america into, I was rather displeased to see that you people over the pond there are a collective of cultureless, politically indoctrinated cumrags. Sure, not all of you, but the sum of the parts seems to be such.