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    Well, yeah.

    Hardcore used to mean something.

    Now it means being really into something stupid like emo fashion or video games. It definitely no longer means being “hard,” unless hard now means overly sensitive and afraid to leave one’s social circle of comfort.


    This is referring to hardcore style, not “being hardcore” into something…

    Like gangster, emo, goth, etc.


    just stfu and go listen to more cannibal corpse


    I don’t listen to that crap.


    It is a sad day when a guy wont jump into a mosh pit because he might break a nail.


    I see retards top picture
    homos bottom picture


    Retards? You had no youth.


    Theres nothing wrong with being young and retarded. Iwas once that, now I’m not as young…


    Oh god this picture is so true. Nothing is worse than attending a good metal gig and half the audience is filled with douchebags like the ones below. Goddamn i want to see fucking cannibal corpse play, not watch people play power rangers in the middle of the mosh pit


    Dude, its so bad. So bad. The guys that started this whole ‘playing power rangers’ thing, they didn’t give a fuck back then. You go to a fucking Madball show, they don’t give a fuck they’re still doing that shit but they don’t give a fuck who’s in there way. Now these younger fuckers that listen to metal have taken that shit because now all metal bands have that chuggy chuggy breakdown (which I still love, sort of) and decided to do this shit in such a way that they don’t touch their mates. One of my favorite guys to… Read more »




    this picture is so wrong. the kids on the bottom are not hardcore or punk kids. theyre scene kids, they listen to brokencyde and attack attack. i dont ever see kids like this at hardcore shows.


    You young people with your baggy pants don’t know anything about complaining about hardcore.

    When I was a young person complaining about the decline of punk I complained about Dookie-era greenday.

    And when when bad brains and black flag were around I was like a baby. You young people weren’t even born in the time you are nostalgic for.