David Prowse is Darth Vader

David Prowse is Darth Vader

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    Prowse has a hell of a lot more screen presence than Hayden Christensen could ever hope for.

    Episode I,II,III ruined the story line for me (and Lucas’s franchise).




    just cause it wasn’t THE best actor in the world doesn’t ruin it. I do admit sometimes hayden didn’t do such a great job, but he had alot to live up to. 1,2,3 where great movies, however it was Hayden’s presents that made people uncomfortable with his acting. Anikan is a weak character, however he was suppose to slowly break unfortunately since Hayden just appears weak, we assumed anikan was too much of a pussy. if the acting told the story it would be different.


    He also had some of the worst dialog ever written to work with… Sir Lawrence Fucking Olivier couldn’t have made that role good.


    “if the acting told the story it would be different”
    But it was a LAME story!

    I do not weigh my dislike of I,II,III soley on Christenson’s performance, after all he wasn’t even in the first movie.
    I mainly blame George Lucas for his attitude and direction; Portman is a solid actor, and the “detached Queen/Senator” argument aside; her performance was arguably flat.

    The best movie (IMHO) was V, the one Lucas DIDN”T direct.
    I’m glad that you like the prequels though, maybe they were just too cerebral for me.


    Also, Midichlorians, WTF!!!
    For that alone Lucas should beg the audiences forgiveness.


    Anikan never existed.


    That name no longer has any meaning for me!


    Yeah, it’s pretty much a given that Lucas can’t direct worth a shit. The original cast has mentioned this plenty in interviews, especially Carrie Fisher.

    I was hopeful for Hayden Christensen after seeing him in Life As A House with Kevin Kline. He actually got pissed in that movie, and didn’t come off as a total whiny bitch. Lucas wasn’t able to get any of that good, solid anger out of him for Star Wars, and the prequels suffered greatly for it, not to mention my childhood image ov Vader.

    Also, fun fact: David Prowse didn’t know they were going to dub over his voice, and was upset when he found out that they did.


    Gee, David Prowse sure looks, uh, white.

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