Happy Monday MCS!

Hello and happy Monday Tuesday to all of you! I just wanted to step up to the mic and tell you that the server upgrades are 100% complete, you should see a vastly faster site with all the bells and whistles that we all know and love.  I implore you, if you see someone making stupid comments, vote with your feelings.  I do not moderate comments and I really really do not like to censor people, I prefer to let the MCS community do that for me.

We are currently 28.5% towards completion of the MCS House Goal.  Please donate any extra dollars you have to the fund, just click on the left sidebar.  If you’re reading this through an RSS reader, please visit the site for once in your lazy life and help a brotha out!

Also, FSU Vs Miami last night.  Anyone catch that game?  Have any particular feelings about it?  I’m depressed beyond belief that my alma mater is having trouble keeping their shit together for yet another football season.  I’ve heard rumblings that Bobby’s going to be kicked to the curb, but that’d be like euthanizing your favorite grandfather.

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    Luke Magnifico

    I do love that Bobby character.

    Also, are you referring to casemods’ racism.

    Luke Magnifico

    Please be referring to casmemods in some way.


    that was an exciting game. bowden will finish out the season and then be done. they will vacate those wins and he will not be able to catch paterno


    I enjoyed the game. Both defenses were completely gassed in the fourth quarter. I can’t believe how many times Miami tried to give the game away. FSU’s QB is pretty good, but he needs to learn that not ever pass should be a 98 mph fastball. And with no time on the clock, that pass HAS to be catchable!
    I still see FSU doing well in the ACC. Just which bowl game they’ll get invited to is another story.


    I had to work yesterday.

    The good thing is that I worked 8 hours!