Don’t shit on the floor!

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I work for a ultra conservative bank, very concerned with promoting a ‘diverse’ workforce – can you tell?

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    Thats what happens when you repost the same pics twice, asshat. Why would you repost the same pic? Did you not like your comment the first time?


    You can’t be like “Hurr durr repost” When you are the one that posted both of them. Now you just look like a moron and everyone hates you. Everyone.

    Also you are obviously new here since your UID is like 4300+, so heres some MCS history for you. The fastest repost ever was when tiki posted a set of two images twice in one post. (2 images twice for a total of 4 images). Reposted in the same post. Bricks were shat.


    Question is, were they shat on the floor or in the toilet?

    tiki god

    man I have no clue what you’re even talking about.