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this is hilarious, even tho i’ve missed out on the meme. anyone care to delighten me?


The Rock annoys me. He is a fake wrestler, and a mediocre actor at best.

The best wrestler-turned-actor is El Santo. All his moves were real, he did his own stunts, and he was a good actor.

This picture, however, is funny.


Hmm. Judging by the low rating that people have given my post, I suspect there are lots of Santo haters out there.


Or possibly fans of The Rock…

tiki god



Wow, there are a lot of people here who like fake wrestling and mediocre acting.


Some people like Dwayne Johnson for his persona, even if they don’t normally enjoy mediocre acting. Your premise is a false one.

You know what I can tell though, without any thumbs rating? That you’re butthurt over a rating system on the Internet.

Someone bring this man a tissue.

Where the fuck have you been?


Well hello there!


What, you think I actually care about what other people think?

fracked again

Enough to reply. Did dA make you her bitch? Are you going to have her baby?


++ what everyone else said

Also, I like Dwayne Johnson. I bet he’d be really cool to hang out with, and I bet he’s pretty down to Earth. I just don’t like watching his movies and have never been a fan of professional wrestling. The guy has definitely found a fan base, though, because people watch stuff he’s in. Just not a lot of people I guess.


This is pretty much exactly how I feel on this subject, so I couldn’t agree more.


(Black gay man voice..)

Bitch, where you been?

(End Black man voice…)


Haha, in response to everyone who doesn’t bother with the forum on this site for some unacceptable reason, I’m looking at you sir wanderer – there have been floods in my area so I had no access to the Internet, my computer died, I went to a festival in Romania and then, well here I am.

Also, I do like The Rock’s films, especially Walking Tall. But even if I didn’t, he has such a warm, sincere way about him, I can’t help it.


oh shit you’re alive!


Alec Dalek

Welcome back!


Aw, danke schön nate and Alec. Also, fracked again for pointing out the powers of my metaphorical penis with such a sweet analogy.


LOL Wat? DieA? From what I heard you went AWOL. I’d say welcome back, but I’ve been AWOL myself… LOL


I know, and I’m so pleased that you returned Phyreblade. I hope you’re well, also, after having studied and absorbed it for quite a while, I beg you to bring back Subjective Objectivism! Maybe? If you don’t have enough time for it, at least never ever leave again and spread your brains here.


LOL DieA, you flatter me waaay too much… 🙂 But I’m glad to see you are back as well!

To be honest, I have too many things going on to make any promises about either Subjective Objectivism or my being around, but I can say that even if I do leave for a bit, barring the unexpected, I will always come back. 🙂


Haha well it’s my honest opinion but go ahead and feel flattered.

Ah yes, that’s satisfying enough, it’s all I wanted to hear.


I thought they used Chris Hanson’s head?

Also: Pluralizing “vagina” with an apostrophe == fail.

tiki god

that’s so yesterday man, Hanson’s old and busted


lack of possessive apostrophe is also fail…

“girls vagina’s” –> “girls’ vaginas”


Every time i see this I laugh so hard I cry…