Don’t shit on the floor please

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Posted in my ‘diversely staffed’ workplace

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    Well… I guess some people need to be told?


    Needs to be more clear.


    Take a dump in the toilet, stand up to wipe ass, flush, wash hands……then use urinal?


    At first I missed the down arrow from flushing to washing hands — I thought it was omitting that step!

    Wash your hands after you use the urinal, but not after you wipe your ass…


    I see one glaring omission; at no point does it tell you to pull your trousers down befoire shitting.

    Anyone pants-on-head retarded enough to need to be told to point your arse at the toilet rather than the floor needs to be told to pull their fucking trousers down first!

    tiki god

    in some parts of the world it’s considered down right rude to actually shit in the toilet. usually countries that don’t have a good water system


    It seems pretty obvious that the guy has no trousers…


    there are a lot of places that just have holes for people to squat over instead of using toilets…many Asians stand on the toilet and squat! lol