babylon 5

babylon 5

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    Good show, though I wasn’t crazy about the last season…or the movies.


    Best Sci-Fi series EVER.


    Honestly, what is so great about it? Someone explain it to me. I’ve watched a ton of sci-fi shows including all of the first 4 series of Star Trek (TOS, TNG, Voyager, DS9), all of Farscape, and a bunch of other series, but I just couldn’t get into Babylon 5. I got maybe 5 or so episodes in and it was just boring and the acting wasn’t very good. Did it get a ton better later on?


    @ lost one: Unlike Star Trek the shows tied into one another. The characters were not the same people at the middle, start, or end of the series; important people died. It was a 5 year story arc (and was meant to be when the show started) – the first season was an introduction; however; so of the 5; it was the least interactive. I’ve watched all of the treks (except Enterprise); and liked them (DS9 the best). Love farscape; but when it comes to sci fi- B5 is the best. IF you need more B5; you need to check… Read more »


    Take a look on Enterprise, its best than Voyager… 3º Season best of all.
    You think DS9 is the best Trek? Just because was “inspired” in B5? eheh…


    I’d have to agree with GrandAdmiralThrawn. B5 was really a single epic story told in a series of episodes. This made it a lot different from pretty pretty much every other sci-fi series out there. I suppose that was both it’s advantage and it’s curse. There were parts of it that became very soap opera like, so if you weren’t interested in the story, you pretty much lost interest in that part of the series as a whole. Loved Farscape, and about 75% of Lexx. IMHO the best Treks were TNG and DS9. Voyager follows, with Enterprise trailing at an… Read more »


    “Babylon 5’s a big pile of shit!”


    Ok… ready? TROLL!