Super Bigfoot finally back together

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DSCN2880.JPG (1015 KB)

Been wanting to ride this for a while.

Nice soft 10 inch air tires.

Mag rims.

Chome MRI fender.

This thing is awesome and only needs a silver deck to complete the look.

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    OMG your dog is frackin’ (that one is for you, magnus) adorable! Want.


    I would like all the puppies to be delivered to my house in a basket. For free. And I’m gonna need this to happen like, tomorrow. Thanks.


    The side of your house is falling off. You really are trailer trash.


    and my funny toilet poster got rejected?? It is genuine and instructs people not to shit on the floor … and this shit got posted? Is everyone on crack?

    fracked again

    Then you paid $1001 too much.

    tiki god

    I don’t even know what post you’re talking about. did it suck? cause there’s a “no sucky images” filter on the submissions page.

    stop sucking.


    I shall re-submit my non-sucky image


    ride your mum next time – costs much less


    sphincter says what?


    never seen one of those with fat tires like that. must be neat. and you can fill it up by just really emptying the hose after someone gassed up yeah?


    “You can get one cheap on craigslist and they aren’t hard to fix/ride”


    I am genuinely interested in everything you have to say about anything, ever. Keep up the great work. Don’t listen to these fools, they jus’ jealous of how cool you are. How superty duperty cool you are.


    new account to get email notifications of pics i submit

    lemon floor wax

    Your dog is cute. However, I remain unconvinced you aren’t a freak.


    i was very disappointed when there was no prize at the end of that line.


    LOL The dogs like… Yeah punks… Check out ma whip…