Matrix Trilogy comes in neat toy Nebuchadnezzar

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Up until now, “Why would anyone want to own all three films in the Matrix trilogy?” has been one of those unanswerable questions like “what happens to you after you die?” best puzzled over by absinth-sotted philosophers. The first film is fantastic: the second and third like having two perverted sadomasochists crouch over your face and unspool an engorged colon\’s worth of celluloid crap into your eyes, the chunky pseudo-philosophy only partially digested, like peanuts. No one not being subjected to the Ludovico Technique should willingly watch them more than once.

Here\’s the only sensible answer: Warner Brothers\’ Japanese release of the Ultimate Matrix Collection comes in a swank recreation of the steampunkish Nebuchadnezzar. Tempting for a moment, but $375!

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    Casemods used the word “celluloid” and my head exploded.


    I wish. The old tri-strip was high def before hi def. I miss tri-strip film.


    Advertising copypasta…?

    And WTH, $375?!?


    there was no need for a second or third.


    Also, does this include the Animatrix?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    This was either copy and pasted or tiki is playing around posting as casemods.

    tiki god

    I would never in my entire life do that



    tiki god

    hey you guys, this is awesome.


    Wow, I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days. I loved all three films and liked what direction it took in the end. Yes, the Mr. Smith and Neo fight in the 3rd was way too long but great movie.


    I like this, but at $375, they can keep it. At first, I thought it was just a cute CD/DVD holder. Still is, but I’d like a few more, and a little more left in my wallet.


    Japan only, it seems, and for $375 they can keep it.


    I don’t know that ship didn’t have much personality, you know? I probably watched the first movie 50 times but I still wouldn’t have recognized it as the matrix strip if it didn’t say matrix at the top also more like “homotrix”