does he look like a bitch

does he look like a bitch

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    No,but he looks like a son of a bitch.


    I can totally hear that in Sam Jacksons voice.




    Say ‘what’ again! I dare you! I double dog dare you!


    i love the bullet glitch in that scene.
    i enjoy interesting easter eggs in films.

    tiki god

    wtf are you even talking about, I don’t even know


    when they shoot the guy eating the burger, they empty the guns.
    then, way later, when they’re talking about the miracle? it flashes back to that hidden guy busting out of the bathroom and they shoot him.
    in other words, the guns should be empty when the bathroom guy busts out, but Tarantino intentionally left it inconsistent,

    Luke Magnifico

    What fucking losers, the both of you. Him for doing that, and you for knowing it. Get the hell out.


    Define how loser applies to either case, please?
    He’s a very popular Hollywood Icon, who does things exactly how he wants to, and is critically acclaimed for doing so, though of course not universally.
    I watched, and enjoyed a great DVD.
    Oh, and remembered the details of a film for longer than 2 hours.