District 9 poster

DSCN2837.JPG (1002 KB)

Just got this today. I will frame it tomorrow or sunday.

One question:
It is see through, kind of. When you turn it over, it\’s as if the print is backwards. This is so they can put the light behind it. Should I attempt to put a light behind it somehow?

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    tiki god

    fucking win


    you can build a shadow box, with a clear front and back, but reverse it so that the light is in the back of the box instead of the front, but you’ll have to becareful about the light. The wrong kind can heat up inside the case and ruin your poster… or make the case without the light attached and get a painting uplight. If you make the case with a gap at the bottom, the up light will shine upwards and through the gap, giving the effect you want…

    Luke Magnifico

    Tiki, why do you approve the lame posts.

    tiki god

    because no one else is submitting shit, lol

    that and I do find these posts to be interesting. what new shit will casemods have on his wall this week?

    Just This Guy, You Know?

    I just submitted something.


    Me too. Kind of a day-in-the-life kind of thing.


    Definitely put a light behind it. And then go outside.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Put a candle behind it. Right behind it. The go to bed. With tiki.

    fracked again

    Its see through so we can still see the shit on your walls.


    What the fuck is wrong with you, leave him alone.
    Retards don’t know any better.

    fracked again

    Hes not retarded, he is drug addled and thus, fair game.


    okay, see, this one – like the original post of the Modern Warfare 2 poster – actually is cool. It’s a pain in the ass to get actual theatre posters, so bravo casemods.

    In response to your question: Look into florescents. There’s a few varieties of those that won’t get too hot and fuck up the poster.

    Then post a pic. One pic. One GOOD pic. And you might not get flamed.


    No, they’re not hard to get as long as you’re NOT buying your posters at Spencers, Hot Topic or Wallmart. I dunno, try checking in with your local film buffs or horror shoppe.


    It might be because Casemods has confirmed that he works at a movie theater.


    actually, no you probably will get flamed, but you’ll get flamed LESS.


    gah… morons need to keep their hands off posters.

    Hey stupid, the backwards print is so you can hang it up in a window…


    Tiki how about a theme day, take stupid photos of posters, painting, portraits in your home. I have a wife that loves hanging up stupid shit. Or another post picture of yourself day.