Debbie – answer your phone

3dcauk.jpg (843 KB)

Another facebook hack picture.

This one made me LMAO, literally.


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    Terribly sorry to hear about your ass. I hope it can be reattached.

    lemon floor wax

    I thought he was wearing for a hat, so laughing it off might be an improvement.


    This is wrong on so many levels…


    Kind of upsets me, this woman more than likely lost her son or daughter in war seeing how she is a “Gold Star mother”. There are plenty of douche-fag cock-suck jersey trash guidos and whores on facebook to fuck with their accounts, I wish the prankster that did this would have the smarts to see this and maybe have sympathy. Sad world we live in nowadays. I’ll step down from my e-soapbox now. Just my .02


    4chan got their login info from a hacked Christian dating site. Not too many guidos/whores on a Christian dating site.


    Casemods will tell you I’m not afraid of flaming, but this is fucked up. Not funny at all, mang. I hope this was a hack, really, and not someone who screen printed because they found it funny.

    Also: chrsitian encouragement is the most pathetic form of encouragemtn.


    Are you all damn blind?

    The person that made the screenshot(s) is Debbie herself, look at the final Comment Box with her picture next to it.

    I doubt Debbie was serious and if she was, she was obviously not needed for life to go on.


    If someone hacked her account to post that stuff he would be also logged in as her to take the screenshot.


    Um… that’s the hacker logged in as her.


    Unless the hacker is sitting at her computer, I doubt it. No answers on the phone and that one dude lost her on IM (Shit, does Facebook even have an IM)


    yes it does, see the chat thing on the bottom right?


    lololololololllololololllololololololollol 😀

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Someone get Debbie’s address and beg her….beg her to take casemeth with her. Please Debbie. Maybe there is no God or Satan. But there is a casemeth and we’d all be way better off if you shoot him in that decreptidly ugly face of his before you off yourself.

    Also my cousin went through something like with his friend except it was on MSN and the other kid blew his brains out. Not sure if this Debbie chick did that too or not.


    fuck that man they’re an attention whore… massive trolling at it’s best. what better way to troll then troll newfags? I salute her!


    Hack or no hack, some people are just lame…


    Belief in god is for people who can’t find love, affection and acceptance in the real world!

    Penn issues more verbal smackdownage on this very subject…. check it

    lemon floor wax

    Penn is one of my heroes. Whoever hacked her account is a grade A douche bag, though. Glad CM got a laugh out of it.


    I like Penn, but sadly, his premise vis-a-vis the reason why people believe in God (Lack of love, etc.) is flawed. In some cases it is true, however it is a whole lot more complex than that.

    I find it unfortunate that intelligent folks like Penn tend to also make the mistake of making sweeping blanket assumptions about things like this…


    Then why are there so many christians, muslims,jews who are in a happy marriage with a loving wife and kids and lead successful social and professional lives?


    You mean about half of the half that don’t get divorced?


    Do it,faggot!

    fracked again

    I cast you out in the NAME of JESUS!
    This is what christians actually believe (OK, so don’t but if you think your religious beliefs aren’t just as silly, take a step back and think again).

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Shut the fuck up you half wit little cunt. You aren’t allowed to even think you can illuminate anyone anywhere about anything. You’re dumber than dog shit and twice as useless.

    I doubt you know sweet fuck all about anything outside of the podunk town or suburb your retard parents raised you (badly) in.

    In short: you’re a fucking idiot and always will be so don’t look down on anyone for anything because no matter who you encounter they are smarter and more useful than you you fucking faggot.


    I have the feeling the last sentence applies to you also.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I bet you have a lot of feelings you’d like to share, emobitch.

    fracked again

    Another meh from maggie.

    How is what I said incorrect?
    A) If you think that there is a magical god that drives out devils, you are nuts.
    B) If you believe that what A believes is crazy, but still believe in a magic man in the sky (or any other supernatural silliness), you are nuts, too.
    C) If you keep changing your name and avatar every month or so because people get sick of you, bad news. Nuts.


    Also the only people that ever seem to get sick of magnus are the people who he insults on a regular basis. Most of the members who converse with him over on the message boards get along quite well with him. It’s just when egotistical, well to do (i’m assuming you are a middle or working class american, IE you do not live in a third world shithole without running water) douchebags who think that because of the past two hundred years of modern science they have the whole god damned universe figured out and insist that the world should adhere to whatever little belief system they have been conned into thinking is the absolute answer, spout out mindless generalizations that apply to 55% of the world.


    fucking submit button…

    … It is douchebags like you who think that modern man a 200,000 year old creature ( who didn’t become intelligent until about 40,000 years ago) who exists in an unexplored 13 billion year old 93 billion light years universe that drive magnus to what is more or less verbal feces flinging. How is what you said incorrect? You just made a generalization of 98% of the world, a world chock full of scientists and scholars who believe in an invisible sky wizard.

    fracked again

    Actually, I like flinging the feces back at Maggie. I just wish that he was better at it. Its basically copy paste feces slinging at this point. I proudly admit that my species evolved from apes. (I also want to read in the paper that a shut in canuck gave himself a heart attack because of the internets)

    And scientists who believe in sky wizards are just proof that religion is the equivalent of an infectious mental disorder. I can find evidence of the evolution of humans, but there is no evidence of god/s/ess/es.

    Alec Dalek

    thelotuseater is maggies butt-buddy.


    You need to pay more attention.

    Yup that’s pretty much it.

    This half wit fuck is always passing judgment and looking down on people for not thinking the way he does and at the same time chastises other people who look down on others for not thinking the same way they do and never does he even come close to seeing the idiocy of that behavior even when its repeatedly pointed out for him.

    The post beyond this he is even so delusional he thinks he’s been the one making all the insults happen and I’ve been phoning it in. Then he retreated to the usual (and I’ve pointed this out before) bullshit puppet master crap every loser resorts to. The old ‘you punched me in the face because I’m annoying but I’m the one who is annoying so I’m in control thanks for doing what I say’ crap we’ve even seen on this actual site probably 4 or 5 times now.

    Do you understand that its just as silly to discount the validity of religion and the existence of a God as it is to commit your life to it? You’re not any better than the people still living in the commune you grew up in.

    fracked again

    Sorry Maggie, I don’t dislike people for having opinions, as you do. I just happen to dislike some people’s opinions. And your trolling is formulaic. Fuck fuck fuck faggot fuck blah blah blah. I’m not the only one to notice this.

    “Do you understand that its just as silly to discount the validity of religion and the existence of a God”

    There is no evidence of a god/s/ess/es.

    “as it is to commit your life to it?”

    Pointing it out isn’t the same as devoting one’s life to it. Poor Maggie. She can’t even begin to get this right.


    OK, this is what I do not understand. Scientific principle and simple logic dictates that you cannot discount the existence of something on account of not having any evidence to support it. As the old adage goes “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

    We don’t have any proof that we are the only form of sentient life in the universe. So no honest scientist should be able to tell you, definitively, that we are. Or, for that matter, that we aren’t. We just don’t know.

    So I don’t understand why so many of those that claim to fly the flag of scientific reason are always so quick to disregard anything said along those lines. IMHO, a true scientist should be saying “I have insufficient data to either support or refute that theory, and therefore I can’t know for sure whether this is true or not.”

    Instead I see the “Religion is for the weak minded”, “Intelligent design is a cop out” and “People who believe in aliens are crackpots” arguments. All of which are fundamentally unscientific and logically flawed assumptions, based on little or no scientific evidence whatsoever.

    Yes, there may be some weak minded crackpots that believe in all of that stuff, however to adopt the attitude that if someone believes any of that, then they are weak minded, love deprived crackpots, is a logical fallacy. And inaccurate to boot.

    Why don’t people apply the same analytical scientific process they claim to hold dear to these discussions as well?

    tiki god

    because what you’re arguing over is a strawman. Who gives a shit if there’s some overlording god out there, it’s obvious that that god has no direct impact on the choices we make or the reality around us. Generally religion is used by bad people to do bad things (ex: the dude that had god in a box and used the box to spread the word. all while he had a girl in a tent in his rape garden)

    when I see religion or religious people, I see people that are weak of mind and have been convinced of some pie in the sky by their neighbors. and that’s just a shame.


    I think you are missing the point. Whether any universally omniscient entity exists or not is, at least for now anyway, irrelevant from a scientific perspective, because it can be neither proven nor disproven experimentally. That is how the scientific process is supposed to work.

    Many who make the same argument, and claim scientific backing, are rarely actually talking about science. You are talking about the choices that people make. I agree with you, people make decisions on their own, regardless of whether there is a God or not. However you have also associated the belief in a religious figure with evil and weakness, and in my experience, that is simply not the reality of how people work.

    For every religious nut that has God in a box, and a rape garden in his back yard, there is another religious nut building shelters for the homeless, running a soup kitchen, or doing missionary work, in dangerous environments in impoverished countries.

    You have religious people who heartlessly massacre others, and yet others who would blindly give up their lives for others, simply because of how each of them have interpreted the *exact* same belief system.

    There is both good and bad, weakness and strength in both those that have a faith of some kind and those that do not, and the determining factor is not religion, but rather what lies in the hearts of the people in question. Evil breeds evil, be it religious, secular or scientific, and good breeds good. IMHO, it is as simple as that.

    People are driven by many things, some of them many times crazier than a mythical pie in the sky, but these beliefs all have the same capacity for good as they do for evil. I think it is hard for people to accept that it is actually the evil in their own hearts that make them do bad things, and easier to blame something they can call a construct based on fiction, like religion.

    fracked again

    Its simple. Absence of evidence where evidence should be present is evidence of absence. That is a scientific statement.

    ID is a cop out, because it cannot be falsified, which is required for it to be a scientific hypothesis.

    I’d say that there is life on other planets, perhaps even intelligent life, but it isn’t kidnapping hillbillies and butt raping them. There are scientific and rational explanations for their experiences that require no little green men.


    I think you’ve just proven my point.

    *Nothing* about the way you came to your conclusions was scientific. You have simply chosen whichever hypothesis or POV you feel makes the most sense to *you*, and arbitrarily dubbed it “scientific”.

    “Absence of evidence where evidence should be present is evidence of absence.”

    Let’s assume, for a moment, that we are not alone in the universe like you suggest, and that your addendum to the old saying was valid. How would you qualify the “where evidence should be present” clause of your revised saying?

    For example, how, exactly, would you propose that we detect evidence of a race that could be countless millennia more advanced than we are, if they really didn’t want to be detected?

    ID is a cop out, because it cannot be falsified, which is required for it to be a scientific hypothesis.

    This is patently false. Partially because the term “Scientific hypothesis” is meaningless. A hypothesis is a guess. A calculated guess, that may be based on existing science, but a guess all the same. The real science comes from the process used to arrive at that hypothesis, not whether or not it can be experimentally verified or invalidated.

    There are many “scientific” theories, based on scientific principles, that we cannot currently prove or disprove. If you go and watch the origin of the universe video over in Internet-D, there is a lady who proposes that, before the big bang, time, and space did not exist.

    This is not a theory we can currently either verify or disprove. We may never be able to do so. However it is still a valid hypothesis. If that is a cop-out, then there an extremely large body of scientific theory out there that is all cop-out material.

    “There are scientific and rational explanations for their experiences that require no little green men.”

    While I agree with the sentiment (vis a vis the motives of little green men), I disagree with your application of ockhams razor. The existence of alternate theories for any given phenomenon does not automatically invalidate any of the other theories. That is rationalization, not science.

    A scientific approach would require that we be able to experimentally either verify or invalidate these folks claims, which, at the moment, we cannot. Therefore while I also believe there are many much more reasonable explanations for these incidents, I cannot disregard any of the other explanation just because they don’t seem likely to me.

    That, to me, would be unscientific. I like the simplicity of ockhams razor, however it is not really a scientific approach, and in real life applications it is very flawed. Not only is it subject to interpretation, but I have seen too many things occur that are so entirely unlikely, that I find it useful only in cases where you have no other options.


    Occam’s Razor is more of a philosophical (and medical dx) tool. Scientifically it doesn’t work as well. Science uses Scientific method to determine validity of any given hypothesis.
    As you’ve said many times, using revelation to prove science or scientific method to prove god will never produce results. In many ways, mutually exclusive.
    ID requires a god, the big bang doesn’t, but neither does it exclude god.


    Well said. And all in one paragraph too… I really need to learn brevity… *sigh*

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Nobody is contesting your little retard rant you douchebag asshat.

    I’m pointing out how fucking inane it was to even write. You’re some small town fucking moron who thinks he’s blowing people’s minds when you’re actually just showing how narrow your exposure to the world is.

    Not everybody lives in Kansas, asshole. I’ve been in a Christian based church exactly 2 times in my whole fucking life. Nobody givs a shit about your limited little life and perspective. So reread what I wrote before you twit/twat.

    You’re the one who is nuts if you think everybody is as stupid as you are. The world would have ended long ago if that were the case.

    Another embarrassing post for this fracked fuck and another instance of him having no idea how stupid he just made himself look.

    fracked again

    “Nobody is contesting your little retard rant you douchebag asshat.”

    “So reread what I wrote before you twit/twat.”

    You make this too easy, Maggie.

    I asked, “How is what I said incorrect?”

    Not, ‘how dare you intrude on my rights.’ If I respected you as anything more than a troll past his prime, I could be bothered to care.

    BTW, why can’t you stick with one name and avatar?

    retard blah blah douchebag asshat fucking blah fucking moron blah blah fucking fuck blah blah blah. And nice move mimicking my another meh from maggie.


    Why do i get the feeling that majority of your knowledge on Christianity or any other religion comes from typing ” bible contradictions” into google or one of the thousands of Atheist websites?


    internet christianity fails on all levels it makes me laugh
    im not religious however my parents sent me to sunday school and church every week so its always fun to read the idiocy of some people
    hm…if i were a dude id make a great pastor!
    damn my luck

    fracked again

    I grew up in a church, have read the bible a few times and know it quite well.

    Its one of the reasons that I deconverted.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    No wonder you’re such a douche. You grew up in a church?

    Man I never fail to be right. lol

    Thanks for outing yourself as a mental case with that little tidbit, purple koolaid.


    Like the time you were 100% sure that the leaked Wolverine: Origins was gonna be drastically different from the final product, amirite?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya and it was, dumbshit.


    Or how about the way you posted a link to a site claiming some kind of tardly exclusivity about a week after it was leaked? A link to a shitty streamed version.

    But me pointing out how pathetic you are months ago is exactly like this pill popping asshole growing up in a commune.

    You win again?

    later emofag


    I’ve yet to find out where the movie was any different from what I linked, aside from finished special effects.

    Same storyline, same characters, same ending.

    Only thing it didn’t include was the crappy 20 second extra “ending” of Deadpool’s hand finding its decapitated head.

    Maybe you watched a different leaked version, but there was only one to begin with… maybe you watched a different official version, but there was only one to begin with… maybe you’re choosing to ignore it because you’re that powerful.

    I’d really love to be wrong just to be added up to your list of tattoos on your penis of people you’ve ‘pwn3d’ online, but you’re making it difficult for me. Specially since your ‘attacks’ are reminiscent of sn angry chatroom choad’s reparté.

    fracked again

    Riiiight. Maybe English isn’t your first language… Are you one of those bitchy little Quebecois always begging to be given their own country? Grew up in a church = grew up in religious family, went to Sunday church, etc. Not a commune. I suppose this is supposed to send me into a foaming at the mouth frenzy. You are just as deranged as casemeth and his video game poster collection. Sad sad sad.

    Oh well, just more meh from maggie.


    It feels as if most people who blog, comment, and flame here seem to have abandoned both science (Lamarkian and Darwinian) and any God (that may or may not exist) for their new found faith in the ultimate power in the Universe…..*The Internet*! If we put God (any number of them), SCIENCE, and the INTERNET into a cage match (which we are all so fond of) the internet will win, hands down every time. Never in the history of the world has there been a time when both God and Science are assaulted as many times on a regular basis as here and now with the advent of this INTERNET. The internet, god and science are walking down the street together and they all see a hundred dollar bill on the ground. Who gets it. The Internet does…. because the other two are just figments of your imagination.

    Final note is that most all of us have spent more money on the internet and accompanying electronic devices in our lives than we have ever donated to SCIENCE or thrown into the plate or onto the shrine of whatever God, church or religion (they are not all the same thing)we might believe in.

    Once again the internet wins.


    And you expect us to accept this on faith alone?

    Statistics or it isn’t true.



    You are trying to claim that science, a process; is something I just imagined? The structured pursuit of knowledge is all in my head?

    Jesus man, I’m losing my mind!! None of this is real! The whole world is just a fucking hallucination!


    But! Oh! The Internet is real! All these flowing bits and bytes and streams of data, this nebulae of infotainment is concrete and absolute! This is reality! Whew! I can take shelter here. For a moment there the walls were starting to fall.


    Hack or not, I think it shows that those who have alot of their life on the web need to live some info somewhere, in case of emergency, at least one internet friend have an address. I have the address and all my friends have mine, both for emergency and gift sending. Can’t hurt to visit someone IRL from time to time either.. So it’s funny in a sad way that “everyone” knows her, but no one knows her address or city!!


    Wow…so many heated posts over a shitty ass post that goes nowhere.


    email ftw

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