Sailor Jerry

Sailor_Jerry_Navy_Rum_by_Zombri.jpg (103 KB)

sailorjerryspicedrumwithhulagirl_005.jpg (67 KB)

Just bought the above handle as a final farewell to the US of A.

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    SO good! A friend of ours got us hooked on Sailor Jerry. I’m not even much of a fan of rum and I love it.


    Everybody ‘s familiar with the “Captin”, but we’ve been social climbing to the “Admiral” (Admiral Nelson’s). Sadly, though the Admiral out ranks the Captain and the Sailor, Petty Officer Jerry is the better man.

    P.S. Can’t stand ANY spiced rum since that taste aversion I gained from the Captain on my third ever drunk. (Scotch and water FTW!)


    btw admiral nelson’s is the cheap version of cap….


    You came to the US and all you bought was rum? WTF.

    I love rum, I’ll have to give this one a try.

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Love this stuff, but hate it as well, I dunno if it’s the higher sugar content in it or what but I’ve never had a hangover in my 20 years of drinking like a Sailor Jerry hangover.


    just bought this. same price as the captian for more punch…. this shit is legit.