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My first bottle of tequila, i wish i never touched it
liver out the window…along with a night-full worth of puke in a bucket
in the end…its always for the LULZ !!


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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    100 Anos is better


    One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!


    I can’t even smell tequila without gagging.

    The first time I got really drunk, I just literally chugged gulps of some 20 year old stuff from mexico my parents got some years back on vacation.

    I can honestly say that is the only time that the floor next to the couch was the most comfortable place in the house that night.

    I even called the cops on myself, lol!

    Now I prefer lighter, mixed drinks, about 10-15 percent alcohol.

    They go down smooth and you hardly taste the liquor. It’s more of a cool aid drink.

    If you drink anything over 20% straight out of the bottle, you are an alcoholic, whether you admit it or not.

    Time to get out of high school and realize that “being an alcoholic” isn’t something to brag about.


    But being a meth addict and fucking fatties is.


    Off the nuts, bro! Seriously.

    I’m sorry I’m just so awesome and you’re jealous.

    Please try to just pretend I don’t exist and your life will seem important.


    But, on meth it is.


    what thus this makes me ?

    www.stroh.co.uk/gallery.htm people first time experience


    I bought a bottle of Stroh 60 from Austria for my dad last year. He, me or anyone from the family wouldn’t touch it with a 3 meter pole.


    yea my bottle is like 3/4 full


    The last time I had tequila I drank 5 shots and this was very cheap tequila. I ended up being an emotional drunk and I never am one. I couldn’t walk on my own, threw up in my dads car and on the sidewalk. The next morning I had such a bad hangover I felt like I was dead. True story. I love tequila still, but I am not in any hurry to have more. Definitely has to be expensive good tequila next time.


    I’m not certain the cost relates to the quality.

    It’s been proven that the cost of something makes people feel better about it. Sort of like a material placebo.

    Alcohol is a lot of mind games, or rather, all in your mind.

    I used to gag a little when taking shots, but then I realized it’s NOT disgusting and I was able to just hold it in my mouth without gagging. Maybe I got used to the taste? All I know it you shouldn’t take any hard liquor straight, even with a chaser.


    I have a friend who seriously gets suicidal if he gets tequila but is perfectly okay on other hard stuff.


    i drank 2 bottles of these… got fucked up drunk but never even puked.


    Patron Silver is the best!


    jose cuervo is for assholes and teenage alcoholics. it’s cheap, nasty shit and gives mexico a bad name.

    the first time i drank tequila was a $50 bottle of a clear, white label whose name escapes me now (it was about ten years ago) and it tasted like sandy beaches and the ocean and it was glorious. The last time (and i do mean last) it was a $20 bottle(still white, none of this “caramel color added” bullshit) and it left me nearly dead. I’ve tried a sip of patrón since then, and it just tasted like buttholes.

    I mostly stick to bourbon these days.


    Casadores is a decent tequila (1392) for $30-$35 for 750ml.


    full bottle; clear picture. empty bottle; fuzzy picture (and less clothes)


    It’s people like you that don’t know shit about liquor that buy this crap and they keep making it. If you want to drink Cuervo at least make it one of their better ones, like “Traditional”. That be Cuervo at it’s finest.


    I woudl have to agree that Cuervo is shit. I have some hispanic friends, who showed me what real tequila tastes like, it goes down smooth, and then hits like a freight train. Cuervo is only about 50% tequila, it is then cut with grain alcohol. you would do better if you got REAL tequila, and Everclear, and mixed it yourself.


    Meh, that doesn’t qualify as Tequila. I’m from Mexico and I can assure you that Jose Cuervo Especial is radiator liquid with alcohol. Is as bad for Tequilas as Bacardí Blanco for rums.

    Try Maestro Tequilero or Don Julio Reposado for starters.


    yes I agree with H4p10 that tequila sucks

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