IKEA laundry basket/dog bed.

DSCN2805.JPG (76 KB)

DSCN2806.JPG (171 KB)

DSCN2807.JPG (962 KB)

DSCN2808.JPG (947 KB)

DSCN2809.JPG (998 KB)

Awesome, huh? Easy to clean. You juse rinse it with a hose and throw the towels in the washer. No more dusty/dirty/wet/filthy dog beds.

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    well! A dog! In a laundry basket?? Thats really witty. Definitely worth posting on MCF. We need more pics of that, myabe a side view and a couple of close up.

    great stuff

    tiki god

    I love your ability to drill right down to the heart of the matter.

    also: wouldn’t this teach the dog to sleep in laundry baskets that might be full of clean clothing?


    My Confined Face?


    D’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I love aminals.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    When I logged on and saw a picture of a dog in a laundry basket, I was like, “Wow, I hope there’s like 3 or 4 more pic just like this!”. And casemods delivered! Thanks, bro, you’re cool!

    fracked again

    I just knew it was casemods. What amazing composition and subject matter. (poor sap won’t even know that was sarcasm)


    I don’t even believe that is from ikea. looks more like Wal-Mart. If casemods really is addicted to Meth, he would have never made it out of Ikea alive…

    fracked again

    Yes, he tried meth from 1995-2000 and again from 2001-2009.


    He looks scared
    Probably every time casemods brings out a camera the dog gets raped
    sad cuz hes cute


    tee hee hee!!

    If you post in the forums I’ll give you all my internets


    lol okay i can do that


    More evidence that every woman casemods hooks up with is a dog.

    Dude, casemods, I don’t hate you half as much as most of these people do, but when you leave yourself open like that…

    lemon floor wax

    TfuckinMI, dude. I think you got it backwards; “The funny thing is I am a female and the dog humps me.”


    What a beautiful dog.


    Do you plan on making toast?


    Alrigh little doggy time for your bath.


    so how hard is it to assemble an IKEA laundry basket?


    You dick. At least buy your dog a basket that’s big enough for her to stretch out in. What the fuck is your major malfunction, Pyle?


    what breed is she? beautiful dog


    rye, i think.