Dog gone hair..

animal_magic_01.jpg (27 KB)

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animal_magic_04.jpg (31 KB)

animal_magic_07.jpg (34 KB)

These are all poodles.

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    And they all look flamingly retarded.


    This makes me mad. At least when people do stupid crap with their appearance, it’s from their own stupidity, but these dogs don’t have a choice when it comes to looking fucktarded. Stupid people.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Calm down, dude. The dogs don’t know they look stupid, they probably enjoy all the attention. Of all the ways people mistreat their pets, dressing up poodles seems pretty harmless.


    Yeah as stupid as i find this shit the people who own these asstarded animals actually take measures to ensure that their idiocy is humane.


    Sorry, that idiocy isn’t humane no matter what methods you use to inflict it on the poor animals.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I call supreme awesome on this.

    I’m a huge dog lover. This is not cruel. Its kickass. Especially the buffalo one and the panda.

    I’ve heard people balk at seeing dressed up dogs for years. Before that those same people whined about cell phones.

    Those dogs are all amazing and probably better taken care of than any of us ever have been.


    I’m gonna have to agree with Kokayne here. If aggressively licking your own nuts in public doesn’t embarass you then being dressed up like a panda certainly isn’t going to. Dressing animals up is pretty silly, but dogs crave attention even more than politicians, so they’d probably love this.


    These are some rather Creative Doggie dos… And while I’m going to agree with sarcastastic about the possibility of the pooches being screwed up in the head, I don’t think the crazy dos will be the cause…


    They’re from Damn Cool Pics.


    Some sort of heavy artillery, somebody fire it.

    Catherine Longfellow

    Since Poodles are the inbred fucktards of the dog world I can’t say I care if they “feel” anything or not.

    From a stylistic standpoint, it’s creative and interesting but not anymore ‘artistic’ than the mad rantings of the Unabomber.