Hack Director Venn Diagram

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    tiki god

    aw, why’s everyone always ripping on poor Brett Ratner? I’ve enjoyed his films.


    He really can not be forgiven for X3. If not for that, I’d say he was okay.

    And who is Jason Friedman? All IMDB brought up were two sound guys. Aaron Seltzer only makes parodies, so he really belongs in his own little world.

    McG got his directorial start with “Korn: Who Then Now?”

    Need I say more?

    Catherine Longfellow


    Only ever heard of Uwe Boll and Michael Bay. I just avoid shitty films in general, no matter who’s name is on it.


    Doh! Typo!
    Instead of “Jason Friedman”– replace with “Jason Friedberg”