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motivational poster text from elzarcothepale
on August 23rd, 2009 at 1:56 pm in comment to the pistol bayonette.
Seriously, thanks. Someone finally came up with the perfect way to describe this miserable piece of failure called the DVD-Rewinder, so on seeing your comment, I had it had to be put to motivational poster.

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    I’d like to thank the Academy, M[C]S, and all of my enemies, for their feeble attempts to belittle my genius.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Presumably by “miserable piece of failure,” you mean “a shoop that appeared many years ago on the SomethingAwful forums.”


    Presumably by “a shoop that appeared many years ago on the SomethingAwful forums” you mean “an actual joke product that you can buy, that merely spins discs while playing a rewinding sound effect”


    this product is so dumb my dvd player rewinds the disc automatically

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