Chinese camaro hood ornament

chinesecamaro.jpg (163 KB)


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    I’d ram that into a wall.


    Do Want!!! Camaro’s are teh shit.


    I’m getting tired of the GM trend of ANGLES ARE SEXY. I hate the freaking Charger and Magnum and I was disappointed in the new Camaro.

    fracked again

    All I see are curves…


    I don’t like the Charger or Magnum either, I find them a little too boxy for my taste, however I do think the new Camaro and the Challenger are dead sexy…

    P.S. Angles ARE sexy… you just have to find the right ones… 🙂


    You do know that the Charger and Magnum are a Chrysler product, not GM…right?


    I don’t know, I like more angular cars. Purely curved cars look very mid-90’s to me.


    Odd. I usually associate curves with the 50s.

    @nyokki, I apologize for my mistake. In truth, most car companies make cars way too angular. The new Nissan Cube is ugly as all hell and that wraparound window looks confusing, not stylish. Did the Hummer H1 start the box car trend or did the Scion xB?
    It seems to be going in the opposite direction from a good fuel economy. Curves = aerodynamics, not angles, unless they’re well placed.


    Hummer H1 —> 1992
    Scion xB —> 2004

    “Originally designed strictly for military use, this absolutely massive four-wheel-drive utility vehicle earned its 15 minutes of fame as a civilian conveyance when it became the ride of choice among Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes who thought it oh-so-chic to pilot the ultimate ruff-and-tuff image machine. Boasting 16 inches of ground clearance as well as super-aggressive approach and departure angles, the Humvee could clamber over a 22-inch-high obstacle, handle a 60 percent grade and wade through up to 30 inches of water.” -Wikipedia

    The Scion is just fugly.


    I thought about being really mean, but glad I decided not to. 🙂 These things go in cycles. They’ll be all curves for a few years and every car mag will acclaim them and give reasons why curves are an improvement over angles; then not even notice when they say the exact opposite in 5-10 years.


    Get that twat off the hood, she’ll ruin the finish.


    Looks like Bumblebee gets all the ladies 😉


    I still don’t see that car everybody is talking about.


    i am unable to exhale


    You’re all gay! Except bytehead. There’s a fine, flexible, asian goddess and all you can think of is cars…


    Wait… Being attracted to a fine automobile makes you gay? NOOOOOOOOOO…