Awesome Flick

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One of QT\’s better films.

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    Yes it is.
    Didn’t like Death Proof very much.
    But Pulp Fiction /Kill Bill are some of the best Movies if seen.
    One Question for you guys in the States. Do they all talk German in the Original? In the Version I’ve seen on friday the french dialogues in the beginning were not translated.


    …movies I’ve seen….
    shame on me.


    I’m pretty much appalled by Kill Bill’s existence.


    Would you kindly explain to me, who that comes?
    Is our name Bill? 🙂


    I really should start reading what I’ve written … how that comes.


    I think I said it in more words in some other pic, but to me it’s basically more of a mockery of old martial arts movie than a tribute.

    And Uma Thurman is teh sux.


    It’s about damn time someone made a film about Nazis. They were terrible people. Someone should systematically exterminate every single last one.


    The posters don’t look good to me. Nor does the plot.

    BUT – watching parts of it on break, it looks very good.

    Catherine Longfellow

    Been a while since Tarantino made something respectable and above fanboyism. Yes, I wrote that with a straight face. Not since Resevoir Dogs have I enjoyed his violence fetish this much.

    Too bad his obsessions with Uma Thurman and comics books had to go overshadow his last few films. (not counting Grindhouse because, lets be honest, its not all his credit anyway.)

    I like that Brad Pitt has moved from pretty boy garbage to more action/dark comedy roles. Makes him almost seem intereesting. Almost.


    I impressed by how far the film went, unapologetically. Retcon history? No prob. Cheerfully portray American war crimes? Go for it. Bust out hate speech and brutality? done and done. I’m not saying those are negative aspects of the film, but it really struck me, nonetheless. Also, I was impressed with the patience he showed in the plot progression. Each scene built up suspense, even if you knew what was going to happen, it made you wait for it anxiously. I actually thought the audience I was watching with would be annoyed by how slow things were happening, but a… Read more »


    What’s the point? Gratuitous blood-lust against ghosts?
    The Nazi plague was annihilated 70 years ago —
    even the Germans hate that history; in unanimity.

    The flick may succeed as pornographic fantasy for a
    younger, frustrated generation who wish that such
    resistance had actually occurred.

    Get over it … move on.

    Catherine Longfellow


    I think you just confused this dark comedy with the self-aggrandizing garbage that was Valkyrie.

    There was no “deep philosophical point” to the film. Wasn’t supposed to be one. Damn kid, did you think SAW was the psycological profile of a serial killer or just a gore fest?

    tiki god



    yar har har


    Shush. It’s your bedtime.


    I enjoyed this film. Completely a Tarantino Flick! Those that don’t like this movie, simply don’t understand the brilliance that is QT. Violence so outrageous/ over the top that it’s funny, long snappy funny dialogue, strong female characters, gore that makes you shift in your chair and a complex story with twists you do not see coming. Did I mention corky narration? I was left with a sadistic smile by the films end. Not his best, but still damn good. Don’t fuck with the Jew Bear. My only complaint is that QT should have made a full on war movie,… Read more »


    I definitely agree with the “good film” opinions, and I would also like to note that they provided actual reasons when they shifted into English to cut down on the sub-titling.

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