Female Urinal

I’m not sure if I like this or not.

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    tiki god

    this looks impossible.

    I’ve seen enough pee videos to know that girls need to squat to pee.



    I’ve seen videos of girls standing up, bending over and it seems to flow better than I’ve peed (and farther too)

    This thing is kind of making me horny but I don’t know why.

    Female pissing vids are hottt


    i suppose it could be practical for a girl in a very mini skirt, however, less hygenic then male urinals even. i try to avoid those really.
    kinda loses its point if you have to pull your pants down to use the urinal.


    Advantage: you wouldn’t have to pull tights/pants down all the way.


    Hey, you know what? That makes it easier to rape girls in the bathroom. She wouldn’t be able to run away because her pants/tights would act like a rope or something.


    Rape girls in the bathroom?!?! But what are they doing out of the kitchen?


    The bathroom is one place they can feel free to get raped.

    They want it because they are taking their panties off and know what’s coming to them.