third world mcdonalds

third world mcdonalds


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    ah, capitalism at its finest.


    I’m still astounded at how, in countries like Brazil (I’m assuming this is there), no matter how poor they are, their house is still more solid then American wood/paper houses.

    Capitalism at its most retarded.

    tiki god

    I’m astounded that you think that building there is somehow more sturdy than a 50 store skyscraper in Miami.


    Yeah, my 80+ year old “paper” house is still surviving humid as hell summers and cold as shit winters of Wisconsin. No, my house is made of wood but isn’t stronger than a hut in some third world country.
    Hell, my house has even withstood tornado strength winds without anything more than a slight shudder.
    I’m sorry, Thrella, you are FAIL!


    Reinforced Concrete (with steel re-bars) as a base structure vs. “Paper” House..isn’t that a bit obvious…of course most of the countries in the third world experience typhoons or tropical cyclones more than the temperate ones..but the question is…how frequent you can rebuild a house..being in a first world country is at anyone’s disposal,just making use of it as anyone chooses..of course that is..ideally speaking


    That is from Brazil, but is just a joke.
    People here do this all the time. Collect stuff such as the McDonald’s emblem from some junk and place it in their places or even in their homes.
    In fact, most of times it doesn’t come from the junk. They will steal from the actual store just for the lulz. Which I find stupid, nonetheless.

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