Typical american political debate

Typical american political debate

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    Hitler’s agents are gay jews.


    Damm right you fucking wetback, go back to africa, where you and your stupid asians can eat rice.


    I’m still wondering what the Republican thought process is for calling Jews ‘Nazis.’ This is the second time in a week. I don’t see how it would help, but then again, I don’t see how half their shit really helps right now.

    Webster Smogpule

    You know the republicans and independents (oh wait anyone who disagrees with obama is republican, i forgot) aren’t the only ones who have made the comparison of hitler and obama. Also has it ever occured to anyone that the people making these posters and using them are plants? If you actually focused in on the text on some of these posters of obama as hitler you would see that Democrat Lyndon Larouche’s name is on them and in that specific incident with Senator Frank the woman was holding up the reference image straight off of LaRouche’s website So tell me… Read more »

    simply kill the black jews.


    Sammy Davis Jr is already dead.


    Welcome back. 😉


    Thank you Nyokkles.

    Problem one: The woman wasn’t calling Obama Hitler, she was call Barney Frank Hitler. Which is double crazy since, as other have pointed out, Frank is a literally a gay jew.
    Problem two: Lyndon LaRouche is also batshit crazy (As in, doesn’t believe in Newtonian physics crazy) and hasn’t been associated with the Democrats in a very long time, if you ever really could call him a Democrat. Those aren’t plants or conspiracies. His followers actually believe that Obama is a fascist.

    Well the woman never called frank hitler. She accused him of supporting a nazi healthcare problem. Other than that you are right but the point i am trying to make here is that crazies are on all ends of the political spectrum. It’s just comments like pauls drive me insane because they make the assumption that the only people who dissent are the ones who are members of the opposing party. Whether or not the current Dems accept LaRouche the man still identifies himself as a democrat. Obviously larouche is bat shit insane, i mean come on, even i think… Read more »


    Democrats are much more willing to denounce their crazies than are the republicans.
    GOP Must Repudiate Limbaugh or Be Defined by Him


    …and yes, I realize it’s the very liberal Huffington Post, but that just proves my point.


    Well i agree 100% but the republican party has already disassociated themselves from Rush. Michael Steele (who is head of the RNC for those who do not know)has said “Let’s put it into context here. Rush limbaugh is an entertainer. Rush limbaugh, his whole thing is entertainment. Yes he is incendiary. Yes, it’s ugly.” ( i cited the dailykos their BTW so the huffington post is beyond excusable) Flat out i guarantee the republican party is going to undergo serious reformation in the next 8 years. The reason i say this is because more and more republicans are starting to… Read more »


    Didn’t Steele then quickly apologize for those statements about Limbaugh?


    I don’t know, it is possible.


    Yeah he did, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it was a tongue in cheek apology.


    No it was a very real apology. It was embarrassing to watch him and several other repub leaders try to distance themselves from Limbaugh, only to grovel at his feet w/in a week. The only one to maintain his dignity and distance was Colin Powell. The repub party as it has been will prolly never be again.


    Also, Palin is an idiot. I’m not being facetious, she is an idiot; I don’t care who she quotes. If she is the future of the party, the party is dead. You’re wrong about the repub party; it’s leaders haven’t changed their ways. They still go on tv everyday and spout nonsense. There may be a more conscientious group w/in the party; but they’re not saying anything. The ones that are, should go away.


    You seem to have a lot of hardcore hatred for the republicans nyokkles.


    To some extent, yes. They’ve gone from a voice to a scream. I have no respect for those that cannot distinguish between the rhetoric and the facts. I’ve always been more conservative, but this current political republican lack-of-dialogue is beyond my ability to work through and justify.

    fracked again

    Yeah, they are all plants, with years as Freepers, Militia groups, LaRouchies, Paultards, positions in local and state GOP organizations.


    Because dissent means you are an extremist right?


    It did when Bush was President, why shouldn’t it when Obama’s president?

    This kind of stuff didn’t happen on this scale during the Bush presidency, most likely because CNN, liberal bastion though it is, hasn’t resorted to the extreme ad-hominem seeding tactics that Fox News has, and terrorizing something that should not be terrifying like Fox News. Beck called Obama a racist, how many others have looked meaningfully at the camera and said, “Is Obama a Hitler?” As if hitlers were an improper noun, a thing, like a duck or cow. Jesus.


    Obviously. But seriously, the Right is much more likely to try to make that argument than is the Left. It’s not both sides using the same techniques. The Bush administration made an art of doing so. You can see the obvious differences in the health care reform whatever; The Dems are simply not unified (nor do they really want to be)the way the Reubs are.

    fracked again

    Because that’s what I said? Play the martyr card some more. Oh, your are so oppressed, let me pinch you cute little cheeks!

    Crazy dissent is extremist, and look who is coming out to protest, crazies! Crazies who interestingly often have local and state GOP leadership positions. And all of them are plants by the liberals.

    Exactly what planet do you spend most of your time on?



    You, uh-
    You “rack dishaprine” in your arguments.
    Can you give a summation in haiku form?


    I’ll tell you what planet i am on when you can actually take the time to research your enemy instead of just marginalizing people like the last and current administrations did/do. How about you sit down and actually take in information from somewhere other than fox news the daily kos and MSNBC.Maybe then you can attempt to argue like a free thinking human instead of some mindless drone who agrees with their “gut” feelings and re-hashes barney frank quotes.

    fracked again

    Riiiiight. Let me put it in a way that your mind can handle. The people coming out for astroturf protests are, for the most part, complete nutters. Like the woman in the post above, which happens to have the Frank quote I was repeating. She is crazy. So are the guys carrying guns to protests. As are the birthers. Saying to an Israeli Jew who is telling people that their national health care system is really nice, “Heil Hitler!” is completely batshit crazy. The noisiest of the republicans are getting the attention of the media, and they happen to be… Read more »


    The unfortunate truth. The repubs are disintegrating into noisy madness. They have a voice and it’s screaming hatred, bigotry, lies and insanity. If the more moderate in the party want to claim that these people don’t speak for them; then they have to say so…loudly and often. It’s the same trouble the moderate Muslims are running into. They’re letting the crazy extremists define their religion to the rest of the world. We rarely see the sanity.
    And yes, Ron Paul is not a real improvement.


    Behind the Obama-Hitler Slur

    That outrageous comparison that Limbaugh and town-hall screamers have been making? Max Blumenthal tracks its origins to cult leader Lyndon LaRouche, whose followers pushed the attacks.


    Made by some German fella, upset that we keep bringing “that certain guy” up.


    I don’t understand how wanting to improve health care makes someone a Nazi…

    I’m British so haven’t really been following the story, but Obama wants to make health care free right? Like in Canada and Britain? So saying Obama’s policy’s are Nazi-esque is like saying Canada and Britain are ruled by Nazis.

    Although as I said I haven’t really been following the story so I could have just made a complete ass of myself.


    No, he doesn’t want to make health care free. He wants to make easily affordable to all. The US is nowhere near free health care, and few want that kind of setup.


    Ah right, ok thanks for the explanation. I still fail to see how that makes him a Nazi though.


    I thought the people that wanted free helthcare were being accused of communism not Nazi-ism. Maybe the GOP can’t tell the difference between socialism and National Socialism…


    The funny part is that Massachusetts (which Frank reps) already has the highest percentage of insured in the country, and the providers and insurers are moving toward “quality of care” contracts that incentivize performance and patient outcomes rather than revolving door care and needless tests. And that’s unlikely to really change, regardless of what gets approved in Washington. So this woman is ignorant and/or her “argument” seems to be nothing more than an excuse to further propagate the Obama/Nazi/commie/socialist agenda, which is ludicrous regardless of who started it. Yet another example of why the rest of the world views America… Read more »


    Basically the Extreme Right Crazies calls Obama a Communist, Socialist, Terrorist, and not a Citizen. The Extreme Left Crazies call Obama a Nazi. Why do people listen to this crap? Both sides deserve to be ignored. Damn crazy people getting all the attention.


    I live in America and I can tell you honestly, that this is exactly how arguments are.

    Hope this clears up any confusion for people in other countries.


    Dear me…you americans. Such a silly, barbaric people.

    Professor Cramulus

    Listen, we don’t need Romans telling us how to ruin civilization. We’re doing fine on our own. GB2ROME with your “barbarian” comment.


    Yep. 🙂

    Alec Dalek

    I got all of Canada together for a discussion, and it was decided that we’re going to extend free health care to pets, just to piss off you Americans.


    There sure are a lot of assumptions being made on this site.

    Just gimme a rifle and something to kill.