slow children

slow children

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    Making it easy for casemods


    InB4 america is fat jokes.


    Welcome back!

    America is so fat…
    How fat is America?
    America is so fat that…yo momma.


    These signs need to be put up around Huntington, WV.


    Martinsburg too.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Just in case anyone thinks its real:


    the sign really says that the children are slow
    fat american kids roll around pretty slow
    unless the icecream truck passes by, then those little fuckers move fast

    Catherine Longfellow

    Last I read… UK started printing BMI on the student’s report cards. Then some of our states started doing it. Boston is voting on similar legislation atm.

    And chubby Korean kids? They get free gym memberships now from a doctor’s prescription. We’re all lazy fat fucks now. worldwide.


    Truth is a long time ago- a “school for the gifted” had a crossing sign that said “Caution-Slow” below that was “children” it was a locally made city sign- the parents asked for it to be removed- then a new county sign went in its place- “SLOW CHILDREN” which outraged parents- finally- the last sign went in “caution! children!” this happened in Murrica somewhere. go parents! pay your taxes!


    I dunno…for a porker, he’s haulin’ ASS.