The “rest of my room” for “7footJesus”

DSCN27792.JPG (128 KB)

DSCN2780.JPG (892 KB)

DSCN2781.JPG (991 KB)

Well here is the rest of my room, since 7footJesus is so interested.

Couple GTA posters and a shroom poster next to a black light.

I\’m thinking about getting the GTA\’s framed and/or finding brand new ones to frame.

Oh yeah and an open sign. Makes for some cool lighting 😉

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    Catherine Longfellow

    so waitaminute…

    you FRAME those posters they give away at ComicCon? seriously? If it’s not autographed, why bother?

    tiki god

    Because framed pictures are classier then thumbtacked pictures?

    I shudder to think what kind of poster set up you have.

    Catherine Longfellow

    I framed my autographed stuff and those go in our bedroom. But the posters they give away every year at CC and the ones I get inside guidebooks/EGM/gamecases are all posted on one back wall behind our computer set up with dbl sided tape. It’s our gaming zone and is mostly blocked from view by four computers. Not the ‘classiest’ set up, but it looks hella better than plain white walls. I just found it funny that a poster one can get for free needed an $8 frame. My policy is: “If I don’t plan on selling this on eBay… Read more »


    Wow, you must have taken some interior decorating courses over at the junior college huh?


    Hmm, Honest feedback: camo = not a ladies’ pick. I’m not saying your room needs to be violets & roses, but just stick to solid colors. SOLID greens would be fine, but an entire room done in camo = red flag for 1 potentially unbalanced dude. Rule of thumb: less is more. I agree simple black poster frames might be good. If it were me, I’d start with a coat of paint (in the green family, if you want, but the darker you pick, the smaller your room will look) then rehang the blacklight above the poster, so the cord… Read more »


    wow nice black light set up
    i would ask what do you do for a living to live in such a shit hole but id rather not read a 5 paragraph post about it not to mention i see GTA and CoD pictures but no gaming system unless you’ve found a way to play them on your NES
    i have never met you but from your posts here and in the forums i can say this:
    god dammit i hope you die a slow death from some form of malignant disease


    A normal AND intelligent person?
    huh…could have fooled me


    Nice filthy ass walls!

    Nemo Intermundorum

    casemods, you sad little playa wanna-be, why won’t you stop posting shit images and shit comments and just leave?


    And I see he’s removed many posts not embracing you…
    No matter…lol


    Hey now, this would be a perfectly nifty setup for a 20 year old (or a 25 year old’s rec room). Things like unframed posters (and frankly posters on the walls in general) are the kind of things you replace as you gain disposable income. Casemods, you definitely should repaint though.


    so is that a penis pump or are you just happy to see me?

    fracked again

    Wow. Disgusting room. Did you wipe mud on the walls just for us? I feel bad for the people who live there after you, and not just for the meth cooking chemicals that have seeped into the walls.

    fracked again

    lol. OK, Freud. Have you thought that maybe tiki likes having you here as a useful foil? Only moldy bibles generate more comments than your degenerate ass.

    At least any thieves now know to just keep going and ignore your flophouse.


    you know what would be awesome……….more pictures of posters on some shit hole apartments walls

    This is why I come to M[C]S


    No doubt. I got to work this morning and thought “I can’t wait to see the new shitty pictures of shitty posters hanging on a wall on MCS today!”

    Must be my lucky day.

    Alec Dalek

    Are we supposed to be impressed?


    Wow…2 words:

    “Babe Lair”

    You must be just swimming in pussy.


    2 more words:




    Am I the only one who noticed how dirty the walls are?

    Tiki we need a post your sad ass bedroom day.


    That would be funny. Mine’s pathetic…sort-of. My hose was built in the 70s and the master bedroom was not made for king size beds. So, my bed takes up almost the whole room.


    That would be funny. Mine’s pathetic…sort-of. My house was built in the 70s and the master bedroom was not made for king size beds. So, my bed takes up almost the whole room.


    Casemods Meth Jackson, Stop enticing little boys to your room. You posted all of the crime scene evidence right here you dumb ass, a cheap camcorder on a tri pod, dirty walls, kid posters, toy car on top of the TV, and a neon sign implying your ass is open for service. You’ll never get laid by the opposite sex with a room like that. It’s all starting to come together, you work in a cinema and take little boys back to mom’s house in the 96 jimmy. Hey faggot get in the forum right now and fight natedog.


    I was actually starting to feel a little bit sorry for you cos everyone’s ridin your ass, but you just proved you’re still a gobshite.



    casemeth. noone cares. now get actual posters and stop suckin balls. little boys balls specifically.


    Is that camcorder pointed at your bed? That must be what you use to film yourself with your tubbies, huh?


    Words cannot express what a fucking loser you are. Seriously. Everyone above me who’s tried has failed, and I’m not even going to try.

    Epic. Fail. Srsly.


    Mostly, I just think it’s funny to get you all riled up. You’re making yourself an easy target here, kid. That might be why you’re targeted. The internet isn’t exactly a friendly place 😉 Also, I have a job, a wife, and a kid. So uh… there goes that theory.

    Also: thank you for blaming “people like me” for school shootings. It pleases me that I have caused such carnage. My life time dreaming of being an evil mass murdering fuck head is now complete!


    Just because tiki enjoys watching your pudd-yanking, shit-eating monkey act doesn’t mean he likes YOU, casemook.


    DUDE! fat chicks are lining up to meet you and eat you.. I admire your courge for posting such balls on this shit(mcs). I was once like you, a young one.. Tiki is good people. i miss some of the old shittalkers- its nice to read of some newbies. anyways , keep up the good work. Play hard, and fuck pussy..who needs it. more for me.


    The sign says “open,” but the posters say “closed.”


    Casemods is the type of guy who’s too timid to say no.

    A mouth’s a mouth bro.


    For your next post can you show us your pokemans?


    That new “kick ass” sweatshirt will look great at the upcoming NAMBLA meeting! The boys will just love it.


    Wow all of the flamers on this post are fucking retarded pathetic morons. Get a fucking life you twats. This guy wasn’t trolling or anything, and what’s even funnier is he’s kept a cool head even after all of your imbecilic replies. I’m sure all you douchebags have plenty of things to hide about your own lives that would embarrass the hell out of you if posted on mcs.

    Fucking dumb shits, get a life or go to hell.

    fracked again

    Get to know casemeth. He trolls by example. Only reason he is calm right now is that he is huffing gas.


    I honestly have never found any reason to dislike Casemods, and frankly, I think you are all just “me-too”ing in your dislike.


    Gee, I think I said I’d hate to see it…But it’s true, that poster does add character to the room.

    I’m not sure if I should feel sorry or happy that I helped get this ball rolling…


    I registered JUST to snicker at those pictures. Really dude? Your room is so cool. You must be beating chicks off with sticks.