Pierced Man with Girl

Pierced Man with Girl

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    Luke Magnifico

    What a douche.


    She thinks it’s cute, the way he hates himself.


    If you pinch his nose, does it sound like a squeaky toy? I bet that’s what she likes, clown fetish.


    What a dumbass.

    I feel sorry for the girl in the picture. I wonder if she is his sister or the person who brings him his meals.



    Al CaPwn

    (Paraphrasing Bill Murray’s line from “Ghostbusters”)

    I’m sure he’ll find a lucrative career in either the house cleaning or food services industries.


    Alternate pic title: Cute girl w. freak


    wow! she must be realllyyyyy mad at her parents.


    This made me lul

    Luke Magnifico


    She might just be a giant woman-shaped piercing.


    Reminds me of this guy from Doctor Who: static.whatsontv.co.uk/images/07420_125735_117248.jpg

    Mainly because of the nose.


    The hockey puck / pin cushion must have been molested as a kid. Hopefully she took a picture with this fucked face to show her friends.


    What a douche bag.

    I am sure in 20 years he will not regret any of those gauged piercings.


    That’s got to be his sister, that or a girl who’s seriously pissed at her dad


    I get trying to make yourself look unique and expressing your inner-self, but really, is there anyone out there that finds this crap attractive? I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here, but all the people I’ve ever met with gauges that big were complete idiots.


    i have a friend who did that to his ears. i honstly do not know why he went that way. he was confused, tho. he had a tattoo of one of the four horsemen of the apocolypse- and he wanted to go to Tibet and become a monk. true story.


    when he’s old and turns gay, he could def get double-teamed in the mouth if he takes his lip gauge out! XD


    I honestly don’t see what the problem is. What he wants to do to himself is his call, and he’s achieved something nearly completely unique. For the record, I’ve found that plenty of women find men with gauged facial piercings attractive because of the self confidence it requires and entails.


    Nice thinking dipshit! You just opened yourself up to a world full of career opportunities not including fastfood or as a tattoo artist…NOT! Good luck!

    He had better hope he finds a woman that will support his dumb ass. lol


    Not sure if there is one of those rules, but this is the slutty girls going for the douche in action.


    It’s weird how he has this white rapper fashion thing going on but his face belongs in another musical genre.


    Hybrid low-life.


    why would want anyone to destroy his own face like that?
    and if she’s girlfriend of this moron, she’s even more worthless than him.


    and if not, she’s just brave. lol


    He gave her the “I’m not like other guys” and “I’m just mis-understood” lines.

    Since he’s white, and obviously has no sense of his own culture or up-bringing (one way or another, relationship with parents is fucked up) he uses other styles that are independent.

    It’s more so looked at to girls nowadays as “being cool”. If you wear clothes that fit you, look presentable and what not, that’s not cool in todays standards, especially if you want to get laid.


    Getting face piercings, and hole stretching and/or face or neck tattoos is a social statement. And that statement is “I don’t want a high paying job, washing dishes at IHOP is fine with me”!


    Actually, IHOP is too classy for that.

    Only job you can get is a tatto/piercing place.


    You can clearly tell she has a clip on ARM. So shes not all that to brag about either. might even have no legs.


    I thought it was an ugly pocketbook strap.


    It is…right?


    Clip…on arm.