Modern Warfare 2 poster

DSCN2745.JPG (99 KB)

Found this somewhere…

I did some googleing and I found out you get this poster by pre-ordering the game.

It’s on my wall know, in acceptable condition. Dropped in once while riding my bike with it home.

I hung it on the wall by placing the thumbtacks next to it, and not through it, so it doesn\’t ruin the poster. I’m in the process of finding a frame for it.

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    it’s the hanging on your wall that ruins it


    My old college roommate, the same one that did, is the copy writer on the advertising campaign for this game. EA (I think it’s EA) wants it to be [b]biggest advertising campaign ever[/b]. Good for my friend, but I think it’s going to annoy the heck out of a lot of people.


    I can see that annoyance happening, but the first game was, flat-out, phenomenal. The voice acting in the cut-scenes and the mission was gripping. COD is probably one of the best franchises to date. If EA does it right, the campaign will not be a blitzkrieg like Halo 3.


    Replace all instances of “EA” with “Activision”. But yeah, to me, the CoD series is the cream of the FPS crop. Second to Halo PC of course.


    You’re (not your) not even trying anymore, casemoods.


    And Casemods forgot the coolest thing about the release of this game. Pre order and you can get your hands on military grade night vision goggles with the collectors edition.


    Uh, those are not going to be “military grade” by any stretch of the imagination.


    Why would putting thumb tacks through it matter? This will never be worth anything.


    Rare? maybe. Worthless? definitely.

    Value is subjective tho, so if this is your idea of an investment, and you can find some chump sucker to buy this marketing fluff, then all the power to you.

    But in 10-20 years you’ll be long dead and forgotten. That poster is going to outlive you.


    pre-ordered my copy a couple days ago but i didn’t get a poster.. boo hoo..



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