Mamiya M645

Picture 2.png (701 KB)

I love this camera. It\’s a Mamiya 645 medium format, it uses a film thats negative is 4x the size of a 35mm camera. To put it another way, it\’s about I\’d say 28MP camera. I bought it as a package with everything you see here.

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    That’s a nice piece of hardware, take good care of it.

    But more importantly, use it responsibly. That means no MySpace pictures, and I’ll kill you if you let the date/hour text on the pictures.


    I can pretty much promise I won’t. I’ve got a BFA and make some decent extra coin with my skills. NO time/date stamp, NO white balance issues, NO bathroom shots of myself. That camera is so old school that I need to use a light meter as the camera doesn’t have an internal one. It makes the current crop of photography students twitch.

    I develop my own film, and print my own prints.

    That’s how I roll.


    So you’re Anonymous!

    /Scooby Mystery


    Yes I decided to join MCS since I’m on here so much. I’ve posted a couple of times before. The gentleman with the harp is an image of mine as well.


    I’m not quite sure, but I think it way more than 28MP…


    I was basing the number of MP off the size of the new Hasselblad digital backs that have recently come out for their medium format film cameras.


    Get some new foam, that stuff crumbles to dust when it gets old and you don’t want that shit getting into your camera gear.