I\’d hit it with a 58 megaton nuclear warhead

I'd hit it with a 58 megaton nuclear warhead

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    For the record the Soviet`s “Tsar Bomba” was the biggest yield of all times at 50 megatons.Unless somebody is really good at keeping secrets.


    Yes, but it could hold up to 100 Megatons, so, technically, you could totally hit it, with a 58 Megaton Nuclear Warhead.


    I doubt there are any more of those bombs though, precision is much more important than tonnage nowadays.


    Or you could couple it with precision technology. Then you have a deadly precise bomb with so much overkill that you kill the target, and most likely their relatives. And their ancestors. You’d kill them so much they would be reborn just to die again on the same blast. Also you’d break a bunch of windows in Sweden, and honestly, fuck the Swede.


    You could do that…or you could make a really huge mushroom cloud, and as we all know, muchroom clouds are damn awesome.