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    Anything that makes me smile this much between
    two meetings is an Awesome pic 😉


    This is all the local radio stations will talk about.


    ntwasn’t this posted yesterday? or did I see this on Fark or some shit?

    Nemo Intermundorum

    That’s hilarious. 4chan et al. try so hard to come anywhere near this funny and fail 99.9999% of the time. This is epic.



    that looks like Alaska…?


    Here’s the original news article that published the story and photo.

    Best photo I’ve seen in years.


    Awesome WIN!


    That looks like Banff.


    Right after this, the giant squirrel shredded the 2 hikers to bits. If it wasn’t for this photo left in the camera, we wouldn’t have been able to identify the men.

    flyingcat88 saw a similar one yesterday, I guess it’s the same explanation here.


    Probably fake. Most cameras prefocus during a timer shot. Also, most amateurs would center themselves in the shot. Pros would have had something interesting in the shot on the left if the squirrel hadn’t shown up to fill the space so nicely. Pros would have leveled the horizon, as well.


    And another thing … I’ve been reading more about this photo in various news stories and on National Geographic’s web site. Nat Geo has published the image, but they don’t vouch for its authenticity. One of the things the photographer says makes sense, that she was using a remote to take the photos, not a timer. With a remote you can take several photos and the camera will refocus in between each one. Oddly, most of the other accounts indicate that she was using a timer, but I haven’t seen a direct quote to that effect. I haven’t seen any… Read more »


    Here’s a similar type of shot I got of one of our hamsters long ago.

    It’s one of those rare shots that you get maybe once in a lifetime.

    Fake or not, that squirrel is a world celebrity now. =)

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