Zune Tattoo

zune_tattoo_1.jpg (49 KB)

asdlabs-zune-original.jpg (30 KB)

Original tattoo is original

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    Al CaPwn

    Looks ‘shopped to me, but it’s not like the guy would get a free Zune for doing it… although it may be a case for charging Zune a billboard fee.

    Doc Shadow

    Wait… did you actually miss all that was “Zune Guy”?

    Tattoo is real, he recorded his various calls to customer support checking if there might be copyright issues on YouTube.

    Al CaPwn

    Oh darn! I missed yet another totally irrelevant internet phenom?

    Hyah! LOLKATZ!

    Luke Magnifico

    I like the Zune symbol.


    me too. EMPHASIS on SYMBOL

    Luke Magnifico

    I also like the fact that the Zune has a decent-sized screen, instead of the thumbnail screen on the iPod.


    I quite like the fact that if you take the word Zune the way it’s written on the logo, flip it upside down and read it backwards, it looks like it says anus. That’s just fucking hilarious.

    teezy weezy

    Target market, fucking idiots.


    i’m more nonplussed by the fact that his other tattoo broke welcome into a hyphenate. . .