G Spot

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I never seem to have any trouble finding this place. Every time I show up it seems to flood though…

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    Apparently I’ve been looking in all the wrong places… 😉

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I did what you see there.


    Where on the Island is this?


    I knew I’d seen it before. I used to go to Ralph’s all the time ad hang in the parking lot eating ices. We still had the convertible running then. Also, just hit a Ralph’s in Huguenot the other day; good stuff. The pizzeria sucked though.


    Is this guam?? Only seen it at night half drunk.


    The area codes on the signage indicate that it is in the Queens borough of New York City.


    I worked security at a bar called the G spot in Elko nevada, i will upload a pic of our security shirts

    T.G. Fisher

    Next time you are on Staten go to Killmeyer’s German Restaurant. Great place.

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