(Moldy) Qur’an

Maybe not actually moldy, but it is from the 9th century; so has to have some mold…right?

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    I don’t know, given that their religion was founded in a god forsaken desert, it might be mold-free.

    fracked again

    Just as useful as a mold free one. Same for the bible, book of moron and any other shitty magic man in the sky book.


    “Not all religious people. Just creationist retards,” huh?

    fracked again

    I don’t hate the people that follow the religions, but the books are all but useless, except as paperweights. You know, hate the sin, not the sinner.

    Luke Magnifico

    Ok, let’s ship in some trolls and get this show on the road.


    Why have there been so many anti-religion post on this site. and from the moderator non the less.


    because your mom sucks cock in Tibet!


    That and the bible are both pretty much useless as toilet paper. Other than kindling to start a camp fire, not much good for anything except poisoning the minds of children and turning them into bigots and murderers.