Building near Monmartre

IMG_1576.JPG (721 KB)

Picture from an old building near la Butte-Montmarte

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    Luke Magnifico

    What an ugly building.


    No, it’s not : just needs a few buckets of paint.

    Anyway, thank you Lord Mc Rashley : your picture has reminded me lots of things. This building stands at the entrance of the rue Durantin, where I lived four years long.
    From where the picture was taken there’s a slope on the right that makes a turn and leads to the place des Abbesses. 🙂

    Luke Magnifico

    Yes it is. It’s just square. Granted, some hack architect took the time to gouge out some alcoves and toss in a handful of pretentious statues, but that does not change the fact that this is just a generic, cookie-cutter block.

    The most you could say is that it has nice window blinds.