Angry “mob”

Look at the local mob attending the St. Louis town hall rallies.They look fishy to me..jpg (60 KB)

Look at the local mob attending the St. Louis town hall rallies.They look fishy to me.

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    Scary, otherwise known as Old.


    Old is scary.


    “OMG that darkie not-president is trying to kill old people! We heard it on Fox so it MUST BE TRUE!! Any evidence to the contrary will be ignored!1”


    scary? nop. funny? yes.


    deuce, can you provide any evidence to the contrary? Are you denying that union thugs assaulted people who attempted to ask questions of their elected officials in a public forum similar to the one above? It took the “darkie” as you call him 6 months to pick a family dog (and it looks retarded). But healthcare should be voted on in 4 weeks without any questions being asked from the public? Medicare and medicade are already crippling our healthcare system. The Federal government can barely do (relatively) simple things like keep roads paved, the armed forces supplied, and keep illegals… Read more »


    One who cares that his kids have severe allergies…………..


    The dog comment is retarded… who cares about picking a dog? It’s not important. Equating the dog timeline to healthcare is like saying it took me 6 months to pick out a rug for my dining room, but only 4 days to buy a new car after my last one was totaled…. I shoulda taken at least 6 months to pick out a new car, even though I desperately needed one, just cuz it took that long to buy a rug? Also, the whole “the government is incompetent” line is BS. The only thing that makes the government incompetent is… Read more »

    Medicare and medicade are already crippling our healthcare system.

    Really? How so? Specifically, how are they worse than private insurance companies?

    fracked again

    Stick to star wars.


    Deuce wasn’t calling Obama a “darkie”—he was using ironic rhetoric, mimicking the kind you’d get from these old, FOX-loving mobs…and yes, they are a mob, if they attend these events to start trouble instead of asking relevant questions. “Are you going to form death panels” is so irrelevant that it’s laughable, *unless* you do think we live in Stalinist Russia, but surely these mobs have more faith in America than that. Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck if they only take four months to decide on health care—no system is going to be perfect, at first; if we were… Read more »




    scary is the figure at the Guy in Black’s elbow.


    GrandAdmiralThrawn can you please stop trolling.

    I know for a fact that you’re too bright to believe that muck. The bus tours of people shouting and cripling the whole process is a bad joke. The Black on Black pushing trying to be portrayed as a Hate crime, or unionized bullying is BS. I say send in the unions, heck anybody to shut these provocateurs up. There is a need for civil discourse that those people are betraying. Thank Dawkins I live in Canada.

    Maxwell Edison

    And where there’s fish, there’s a penguin. THE PENGUIN!

    Alec Dalek

    Old people trying to screw over the young? Never heard of THAT before. You must be some kind of communist hippie.

    fracked again

    Old people shouting, no problem. The dumbfucks carrying guns around town halls, thats a problem.


    But they are demonstrating their rights when they carry around guns at town halls full of angry, frustrated, paranoid, confused, uninformed people… Wait, that is fucking stupid. America is just ridiculous at times.

    I dunno about scary, but that one on the bottom right definitely has that queer Innsmouth look about her.