Pepsi & Coke – Logos Over Time


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    No.. coca cola changed the way it looked, more subtly, yes, but it did change.

    Alec Dalek

    You’re probably thinking of the label & can designs. The actual logo has stayed the same.


    You, sir, have been proven wrong.. plus, I saw this documentary about coke and pepsi.
    I like both coke and pepsi, even though I sense the difference.

    Alec Dalek

    Excuse me? Did you bray something?

    Alec Dalek

    That article fails (but big ups for finding that, Puulaahi). It’s still clear, even from that link that the Coca-Cola logo or “font” has stayed consistent. The only exception is in 1985 with “New Coke”, but even that still had the old logo on the can near the trademark info. Yes, I’m old.


    This… Small differences in the model… and the coke thing… but that was only in america.


    *obligatory product loyalty post*

    Catherine Longfellow

    I still think Coke>Pepsi in flavor. But it’s all sugar water in the end so who cares? People who took this too seriously fail on both ends of the spectrum. Taste is subjective, non-arguable. Always has been.


    Taste can be influenced, everything is debatable. I mean everything.


    there was also a can that said COKE on one side.

    teezy weezy

    1885 and still just as shit.

    PEPSI please.


    All about Coca Cola from Mexico. They use real sugar, not that syrup crap.


    Same with the Pepsi in Mexico. Corn Syrup instead of sugar for sweeteners is a pretty standard American thing for some fucked up reason. ( FDA pandering to the corn farmers is the most likely theory, IMO ) Pepsi ( and Mt Dew ) both have a sugar sweetened version out in the US currently, though. Both labeled as “Throwback”, but hard as hell to find depending on where you live.


    @Puulaahi- NO SHIT. that Mexican COKE is the best ever. i usually bring at least a case home from Mexico- but lately i have found it available at Costco. REAL SUGAR. it’s incredible. CANDY. most people don’t know this- but the New Coke campaign was a cover-up for Coca-Cola converting from real sugar to fructose corn syrup. they took it away- then gave us a new recipe for regular Coke. the most ingenious advertising campaign ever. fooled us all. mass hysteria. people stock piling old Coke. they made a lot of money off of that. oh, and Pepsi is for… Read more »


    No, New Coke wasn’t a cover up. That’s a myth. They’d started the changeover years before New Coke even came out. 6 months before New Coke, the sugar was gone completely.

    Another oddity is New Coke tracked better in the test marketing than old Coke.


    meh. Keep both of em. Give me an IBC rootbeer any day.


    IBC black cherry.

    A&E Rootbeer.

    Best ever. Moxie