dEFCON 17 Badge

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Just got back from dEFCON 17 in Vegas – here\’s a pic of this years badge

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God I love the viral marketing for District 9.

Go see it.


CANNOT WAIT! At the end of this week I will have seen it luckily!


A friend of mine just came back. He said the goons were choking people out. WTF


On MySpace they have a exclusive clip from the movie and the action that happens within the 1:30 min is epic! The alien weapons look amazing.


There’s some cool weaponry scenes, but it’s actually a really interesting movie.

I won’t ruin anything, but don’t go in expecting your regular sci-fi explosion-fest.


Willing to sell this badge?

Also, I requested the 2 district 9 posters that are out on display. Not sure when they take the posters down (I assume by the time the movie is playing) but they will look kickass in my room.


Casemods is starting to figure out the legal perks of his job! About f’n time.

Here's a few awesome images!