Hollywood women gone to hell

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1. Renee Zellweger
2. Nicole Richie
3. Madonna
4. Amy Winehouse
5. Lindsay Lohan
6. Jennifer Connelly
7. Christina Ricci
8. Courtney Love
9. Teri Hatcher
10. Sophie Dahl

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    Damn… I wanna go to hell too…


    what a crap list, courtney love looks like shit in both

    and connelly equally hot in both

    Nemo Intermundorum

    If you take away all the obvious crackwhores, the rest of the actresses seem decent in both. Indeed, some, like Zellweger, are notably improved.


    Madonna and Winehouse are taking too fucking long to die


    fuck you, jennifer connelly is a fox and courtney love IS NOT a celebrity.


    Agreed. Jennifer Connelly never looks back, even when she’s playing a coked-out whore in Requiem for a Dream.


    Especially when she is playing a coked-out whore!!! $$ to $$… Oh shit, I am going to hell aren’t I?


    Zellweger only *seems* like improvement, because you can’t get much worse than that face.

    And Lohan is forever doable in any light, as long as you’re willing to forget what she’s done everyday of the past 2 years and you can get her to STFU.

    Kommissar, wonderful job articulating my exact thoughts.


    one would have hoped that winehouse would have od’d to death by now
    sad that its the celebs we like who die young and the ones we hate keep going and going

    took forever for jackson to die

    Dj. DreamStar

    dude courtney love had a band, was married 2 kurt and she made movies HOW THE FUCK IS SHE NOT A CELEBRITY?
    not saying I like her
    just saying she is one you or me liking it or not


    I wouldn’t call Courtney Love a celebrity anymore; she’s known, but hardly famous. Now she exists like Nicole Ritchie exists—only there because now and then someone puts a camera on her, but it’s not like anyone’s clamoring for more Courtney Love.


    wait, looking at Jennifer Connelly’s now pic, she looks similar to demi moore


    Lohan was hotter before, but that might just be the inner pedo-bear talking. Winehouse though…. she went from actually decent looking to Jesus Tap-dancing Christ WTF!?


    Lohan was definitely hotter before.

    Of this list I think the following have a negligible negative movement (based solely on the pictures shown here): Zellweger, Lohan, Connelly, Ricci, Love.

    Dahl I’m unsure because I’ve honestly never heard of her.


    and the first #3 was Christine Applegate, not Madonna.

    Jennifer Connelly. Oh. So. Nom-able!


    Poor Madonna. She was so many degrees of fuckable.

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