MMMMM hFish Assholes

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Chuck and Fred’s was a place that you would go for talk about fishing and for pot roast. I went there once. The pot roast was great but everything in the restaurant was covered in grease. I mean everything; the walls, the tables, the people who worked there. It seemed the only thing Chuck and Fred cared about was fishing. There was a chalkboard over the cash register that listed daily fishing conditions at nearby fishing spots and there were stacks of photos on every table (photos covered in grease) that showed Chuck and Fred and their buddies engaged in various fishing adventures. They also sold (or gave away) these cans of Fish Assholes. I don’t know what’s really iln the can, but I love the label.

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    Ummmm….yum? Prolly not.


    MMMMMMMMMMM SpaghettiO’s!!


    Boneless Smoked Fish Assholes


    If they drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer,
    I’m not going to trust their judgment
    on assholes either.