Men Vs Women Drivers

Men Vs Women Dirvers

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    Can’t find the game where the guy is awesome at driving and the girl is terrible. You can steer the guys car fine but the womans car is set to crash on purpose. It would fit perfect but I can’t find it.


    The game.

    You lost it.


    What? Someone please post the game. It’s funny and totally matches this post.


    Interestingly, the female view is actually more technically accurate. Cuz only a dumbass thinks the engine is between the steering wheel and the wheels.


    What I get from the male image:

    Steering wheel, controls the engine, which powers the wheels.

    Sure it’s not 100% correct but it’s logical.

    When you think about it, the wheel seems to go to the engine and then powers the wheels and technically the power steering is powered by the engine.