1. Every person has a unique tongue print
2. The foot is home to the body’s thickest area of skin
3. Humans glow in the dark
From ODDEE’s 15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Body

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    The glow in the dark thing was discovered recently, and is surprisingly similar to concepts of the human Aura.


    I have a level 3 Thorns Aura.

    tiki god

    SURPRISINGLY SIMILAR, as in, nothing at all alike?

    unless you think that glowing is somehow changing your personality and gives you the ability to read thoughts.

    or makes you indigo:

    fracked again

    tiki for the win


    If we are gonna get into a rage-bate then I’m just gonna say that I haven’t heard those things that you mentioned about auras before.

    I was referring to Aura as a light field that surrounds all living things and possibly reflects things like bodily functions or even personality.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why is it that everything you say is either stupid or wrong.

    tiki god

    really? you haven’t heard some of the basic tenants of aura pseudoscience before? it’s 99% bullshit. anyone that would even put half a breath of effort into reading into this shit is a fucking moran. “oh I’m a indigo adult, and I have indigo children, oh we’re so special, and I know this from my aura, and that we can tell what kind of people are around us due to the perceived color spectrum around people’s bodies” name a single scientific study that even remotely gives any credence to this stupid shit. You might as well be talking about fairies… Read more »

    fracked again

    So if I stub my pinky toe, I’ll go deaf? Reflexology is one of the dumbest things ever.


    If it’s so dumb, why do reflexologists give such phenomenal and awesome foot massages?

    You are one of the dumbest NPCs ever. The nerves have like, circuit breakers and fuses to prevent that of course. Heh.


    I think of a person’s aura not as some color coded mood-ring sort of thing, but simply the energy they project. There is no “color” other than a symbolic color to represent something that is invisible. A person’s aura includes their smell, their body language and their vitality. It’s just a kind of encompassing term to refer to a person’s I dunno, image-nature as it appears to me. Like, for example, a person with anger issues, who is always mad or upset has a red aura; there isn’t any halo of red light around them that psychics or hippies can… Read more »