Ain\’t it the truth

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    still works if you blow on it, put it in, pull it out, blow again, put it in, press power and reset, then just power.


    For those not in the know, the blowing on it did nothing… the springy metal connectors lost their springy-ness, especially when cartridges were left in overnight / weeks at a time. You can refurb your NES to perfect function by disassembling it until you get to the cartridge slot, and taking a small flatblade screwdriver and simply prying the connectors back into full-contact positions.


    hey! you cant say blowing on them did nothing. it was just a very very less efficient method of making it work then the one you describe.


    I’m thinking the results sometimes gained with that approach were due to the removal and reinsertion of the cartridge, rather than the flow of air


    rubbing alcohol


    perhaps, but if the contacts were covered in enough dust they wouldnt work, mm?
    your method is awesome tho.


    In russia they fix things like that by making a cat take a piss in the slot…..


    This actually makes sense.

    In most causes you just need a new 100-pin connector. You can purchase these on internet.




    As time advances, companies realize that they make more money if the product doesn’t last as long.

    You should combat this theory by going to the place where you bought the thing and destroying 10 times the amount of the item you purchased. Leave a note stating “this is what you get for selling me ONE bad product”


    tiki god

    your logic fails when you realize that MS and Sony are loosing money on each of these pieces of hardware. They’re big money makers are the games, both physical cds and XBLA.


    They do make more on games, but if you have to replace your console because it stops working, they make 6 times more than they do on one game.

    How many people bought the newer, slimmer ps2 when it came out? How many first edition ps2’s failed in one way or another? Mine gives me this cd error from time to time and the cd drive sometimes doesn’t open.


    In the case of the PS3, at least, they are losing money on them…they really do not want them to break. Buying another because your first broke is costing them money not giving them money.

    Add on parts like remotes, webcam, various other accessories as well as games is where they get their money.


    Even if you destroy 10 more consoles, the store isn’t going to report it to Microsoft/Sony as defective consoles but as some idiot breaking shit and they’ll buy more consoles to fill inventory. Then Microsoft/Sony add it to their overall sales and get more developers on their side.


    How will they even know you “broke” them? And I’m only talking about one console.

    Sure, just one probably isn’t going to make them buy more to fill inventory, but say the 1000’s that break, yes. The console makers make money from that.


    Some do; some don’t… all about the business model and if that fits in. Sadly, the manufacturers of pinball machines were some of the _worst_ at this… obvious, intentional design flaws or material selections that would guarantee machine failure in 5 years, so that the arcades would have to buy more machines. Thankfully, refurbing one of them is almost as easy as the NES.


    My “LINK” game memory battery died 🙁 i lost everything!!! Fuck you Ganon!


    Damn, dude, that really sucks . . . HARD.

    And I agree, FUCK GANON! Sexually.