Who Would Win?

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While you debate, I\’ll be having sex…


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    that’s stupid, everyone knows the Galactic Empire would beat the shit out of trekie fags.


    Definitely not to scale. The Imperial-class Star Destroyers were 1600 meters long with 46,700 officers and crew as opposed to the U.S.S. Enterprise which maxed at 950 feet and 430 crew members. The Star Destroyers will just plow straight into the Enterprise without even raising the shields.


    Ever heard of perspective? That Star Destroyer is probably a bit further from the “camera” than the Enterprise.

    And the Enterprise would win, it has photon torpedoes and phasers, whereas the Star Destroyer only has ‘phasers’ or whatever they’re called in the Star Wars universe, and doesn’t have force fields.

    (InB4StarWars nerds correcting me. Been years since I watched any Star Wars film, and I recently watched ALL of the Trek films.)


    I think he wasn’t referring to the camera angle… actually, I’m sure.

    I don’t like Star Trek, it’s boring. I tried to watch some episodes and just couldn’t. Star Wars is ok.


    The only way you can tell they’re not to scale is by knowing what distance the two are from the camera. In real life, the moon looks about as a big as the sun for instance, but the sun is much further away and the moon is tiny.


    You’re not reading right… it’s not about the camera angle… he just said it’s an uneven fight, because one ship is small and the other huge.


    Perhaps, but you’re not taking into consideration scale, armor, and how much juice is behind the SD’s lasers. Always seemed that the ships in Star Trek were hammered around in battle a lot more than the Star Wars capitol ships.


    It’s not the perspective, the Star Destroyer is PHYSICALLY larger than the Enterprise. Star Destroyers have torpedoes as well and DOES have shields.

    Regardless, I dare you to find anything in the Star Trek universe to beat the Super Star Destroyer, all of which which are more than 3.8 km in length.


    I know the destroyer is larger, hence me saying it’s further away from the camera…

    And as I said, it’s been years since I watched so wasn’t sure on the details. I’d still put money on the Enterprise though, if only because I love Trek 😛


    Not only does it have a marge larger battery of weapons (at least 60 turbolasers of varying strength), it also has a compliment of at least 48 Tie Fighters, as well as various amount of other imperial fighter and gunship models.

    While a lone tie fighter would be easily toasted by the Enterprise, a full compliment of fighters, bombers, and interceptors along with the Star Destroy itself, the Enterprise is toast. (I’m guessing Imperator/Imperial-I class here, but if Imperial-II class, then even better odds for the Empire.

    It is rather hard to work in the intelligence of the Federation crew, as it has been shown that they can get out of some pretty sketchy situations. The problem is that there is not enough definition of how intelligent the standard Star Destroyer crew is.

    My bet would still be on the Star Destroyer just due to sheer power.


    Then the daedalus comes in and blows the shit out off both.


    I agree.


    there is this kid i work with in the restaurant named Kyle.

    anyways, when Kyle first started working, he was all freaked out because he believes that the future of weapons and communications devices will be like StarWars, and that the Star Trek versions are “stupid and would never work”.

    true story


    Ok, I’m back. Who won the debate?


    Two more things, the SD would have fighters to deploy and they also have ion cannons. Thinking that might mess up anything in the Trek universe, as they have never grasped the concept of circuit breakers.

    tiki god

    Star Trek can time travel though.

    And they have transporters.


    Transports, I grant you, could have some effect if they can keep troops constantly beaming back and forth.

    But if there is a force-wielder on that Star Destroyer, he could sense the particles rematerializing and really fuck ’em up.

    The Enterprise cannot time travel at a whim.


    I can’t believe people actually argue about this… At this rate, that guy is never going to stop having sex…

    teezy weezy

    wanking isn’t sex.


    The dudes in charge of the Star Destroyers are Sith Masters proficient in the use of the Force.

    Trek ships have a hard enough time with Klingons and Romulans.

    Debate over.


    Also, they can’t transport off ship with the shields up. Probably couldn’t transport into the SD if they had their shields up either.


    Suddenly, the Lexx appears in this particular portion of space. A large capitol ship and a much smaller, sleeker ship are about to engage each other over a small planet.

    Lexx: “I’m very hungry, Stan.”
    Stanley Tweedle: “What about that planet over there, Lexx? Will that work?”
    Lexx: “Yes, Stan.”
    Stanley Tweedle: “Well go ahead and blow it up, you can eat on the run. Wait, what about those ships over there?”
    Lexx: “Too late, Stan.”

    Massive energy forms across the eyes of the Lexx, reaches the focal point, and fires. The energy wave completely engulfs both ships as it races towards its target. The Lexx feasts on select bits of organic matter from the planet, as well as from the remains of the almost unnoticed ships, and continues on its way.


    The Enterprise would destroy the star destroyer. It is simply much more advanced. Plus if we are simply talking universe vs universe I think Trek would still win, Think Borg cube here or the uber cube, or that ship in the new trek that shows how big the ships get just 100 years after generation.


    Hmm, i only ever watched like the first season of lexx. Some really horrible horrible acting, and well, i mostly thought it was kind of shit. Funny tho. Anyone care to strongly disagree? It’s been years since i saw it, maybe i wasn’t worthy at the time.


    Looking through all these replies, I am appalled by the number of “factual” errors. Here’s a bloody comparison chart, so would the trekkies please go back to sulking in their corner?


    Stupid photobucket. Stop compressing my pics!


    Here’s the spex for the Galaxy class per Memory alpha.

    The USS Enterprise-D, a Galaxy-class starship

    Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
    Type: Explorer
    Active: 2360s-
    Decks: 42
    Crew complement: roughly 1,014 (officers, enlisted, and civilian)
    Speed: Warp 9.8 (Possible at an extreme risk)
    Warp 9.6 (12 hours)
    Warp 9.2 (max. cruise)
    Warp 6 (initial average cruise)
    Warp 5 (later implemented Starfleet speed limit)
    Armament: 12/14 phaser arrays; 2 torpedo launchers; 250 photon torpedoes
    Defenses: Deflector shields

    While I generally HATe these discussions the one point that alaways annoys me is that peopel say BUT BUT TUBRO LASERS SHITTTONS OF THEM.
    Ok yeah there’s a lot but it’s been established in TNG several times that lasers… just don’t do shit to shields.
    Now I’ll give the massive amounts of fighters (though unless they’re tie defenders they are unshielded which means one shot one kills.)
    The Galaxy also has shuttles, runabouts and (IN Ds9) even fighters. Also their phasers are 100% accurate for the most part. The ISD hits about 50% of the time what it shoots and I’m betting the galaxy is more agile.

    ok geek off I need to see boobs.


    Also… I HATE that SW geeks always use the size thing. Ok if size mattered so much why did Vaders flag shit get taken out by one out of control damn scout ship! ?


    The Defiant would undoubtedly kick the shit out of that Star Destroyer. They would just fly in close with quantum torpedoes and pulse phasers firing and run rags around it, they would never be able to target a ship so small, powerful and manoeuvrable that is flying so close.

    I don’t doubt it would even be able to take down a super star destroyer by the same means. Warp in close and that’s it. Picard manoeuvre would come in handy too.

    The Defiant took down a much larger Excelsior class ship by such manoeuvres and saw off a super massive Klingon Flagship in the DS9 episode ‘Shattered Mirror’ in the same way.


    As for the geek debate; it’s all about geek chic these days, make it cool boys.


    I has one letter for SW fans.


    Fuck the Force


    What’s Q?


    You need more Star Trek. Q was a great character on Next Generation.

    Maxwell Edison

    Is that guy done having sex yet, or what?


    I wonder how many calories sh/e’s burning.


    Probably not more than s/he would mowing his/her lawn. That’d be unhealthy.


    That’s messed up… Probably not more than he would be, if he were mowing his lawn. the he/she thing was confusing me.


    It’s unclear that the author of the pic is male or female. The assumption has been male, but nothing indicates that to be the case.


    Ugh, stupid debate. They are radically different space operas with radically different standards for battle. In ST, capital ships generally fight with one or two continuous beams and few if any fighter type vehicles. Star wars is built around capital ships launching several dozen fighters and shooting a dozen or so short term cannon shots. Star Wars looks more like WWII Navel exercises and ST is more of a exercise in pure fantasy battle mechanics (and reduced budget since it started as a low budget 1960s weekly show, not 3 high budget 70s popcorn films).

    Suffice to say, ST didn’t get into the business of blowing up planets until late in the Voyager series, but Star Destroyers don’t blow up planets (and besides, using that as a benchmark puts Babylon 5 and Andromeda ahead of both of them).


    They don’t blow them up, but they can destroy the landscape quite quickly, which IIRC was one of the reasons they had so many damned turbolasers.

    Also, Ion cannons need to be taken into the debate.

    Also, I want some sex.

    Which one would win? I dunno. Who’s writing it and how big is the budget?


    Really, wouldn’t a Star Destroyer versus a Klingon warbird be a better fight?


    43 comments and the world population is diminishing…


    I’d like to see that Christian space ship from south park enter in on this…


    This has already happened and here’s proof:


    L O fucking L.


    You can’t really compare strength of turbo lasers vs phasers because the ‘science’ is completely different in the two universes. However, you can’t say that Star Trek is more advanced. More realistic maybe, but no where near more advanced. Hell, in the StarWars universe, it takes hours to go across the Galaxy. Star Trek takes lifetimes. In StarWars, the fleets are massive with near endless resources. In Star Trek, three ships is an armada. Besides, the more powerful StarWars ships have weapons bigger than the enterprise. It’s really not a contest. A ISS would just run through the enterprise, literally.


    When has a foe being more powerful and advanced than the Enterprise ever stopped them from winning?


    What I am always surprised that nobody thinks about is the sheer mind numbing scale of the Star Wars galaxy. You have maybe two dozen shipyards in the federation at the most. There are at least two shipyards in every sector of Star Wars, and some of them are large enough that they create huge artificial rings about the planets. Even if each force started with absolutely the same volume of ships, the star wars folks would out produce the federation in a matter of mere months. This doesn’t take into account that the federation seems to have essentially no infantry (though I admit that phasers are pretty good as weapons go).

    The real issue, though, is speed. It supposedly takes voyager something like 20 years to cross one quadrant at high warp. It takes most star wars capital ships a matter of weeks to cross the entire galaxy. This essentially means that if a fight starts, the empire just notes where the federation ships are, and goes off to blow up their planets.

    Oh, and as to the Q deal, who is to say that one of the ancient races (the whills, the achtects, the ancients, etc) of the star wars universe might not get involved if the Q or the squire of gothos did?

    To sum up: mobility+logistics+rate of production star wars>startrek

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