Sweet Mother of God!

Virgin Mary.jpg (110 KB)

This is the Virgin Mary from the delightfully blasphemous comic Battle Pope (“When he\’s not leadin\’ mass, he\’s out kickin\’ ass!”) by Robert Kirkman.

Somehow I think there would be fewer atheists in the world if Mary had been depicted like this in the Bible.

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    NOW I understand your christianity!

    tiki god

    I love this series. I remember when it first started.

    I was THERE man.




    I still can’t grasp why atheist bruce lee would side with the vatican, tho…

    Humberto Del Carpio

    It is majestic but her eyes. It does look frightening. You could have her head look similar to Xena Worrior Princess, in the TV series, and widder muscular hips.